Fabric and frame go hand in hand, when it comes to upholstery. Such an amazing colab is seen with the name of Witness Glow. This amazing creation is the result of Andreu World and Kvadrat making use of both of their expertise. The classic wool which was originally designed by the famous Frans Dijkmeijer has stylishly been updated in a modern vernacular. Moreover, the  random,  striated pattern is sultry jacquard-woven; found in a newly launched  palette of yarns that have an amalgam of colours that Ridolfo has used in his previous work for Kvadrat.

Andreu World and Kvadrat have joined their expertise and experience in a wonderful collaboration- Glow. Bringing to use the innovative, sustainable and technological aspects of their timeless creativity and design. They have created Glow. It is a fabric  designed by the pro weaver;  Frans Dijkmijer. His archive was donated to Kvadrat by the family after he passed away. 

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