Decorating your home and adding finishing touches can come off as a tedious task. Curtains are decor elements that can transform the entire look and feel of the room, but only if chosen correctly. There’s no need to fret, you can take a look at the factors below to help you make the perfect decision!

Print and Color


Aiming for a simple, yet chic vibe? Or maybe you just can’t decide on the color theme of your curtains. Either way, a solid curtain color can do wonders. Plain blue, black, red, mustard, beige, gray or virtually any color goes along with all kinds of décor themes. You can choose the curtain color in a contrasting or matching shade with your wall or match it with other elements in the room such as sofa fabric or area rug pattern. Solid colored curtains look great in any fabric and any curtain style, whether it’s of long or short length.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designed prints are always in style and a great choice for curtains. This print theme includes a lot of different styles such as chevron, checks, cubes, hexagons, clovers, scales, diamonds and triangle geometric patterns. There are a lot more pattern types to choose from, and you can use them in any color combination imaginable. The versatility of geometric patterns can be used to your advantage to fit it with any type of décor theme whether its contemporary or retro. You can never go wrong with a stylish and bold geometric printed curtain.

Floral Prints

The beauty and elegance of a floral pattern can really uplift any room. Floral patterns are widely used in fashion, home décor, stationery, and so much more. Floral designs can be made up of small flowers, large sized flowers, or even simple leaf designs, and you don’t necessarily have to stick to the conventional flower colors like red or pink. You can find floral designs in a variety of colors and pair them with the different décor accessories in the room. Floral curtains can give a vintage touch, or a bright and bold modern touch, depending on which type of pattern you use.

Vintage Prints

Vintage color themes consist of toned-down hues and true vintage feel comes from shades of brown and beige. If you’re looking for a classy but subtle vibe for your room, vintage design curtain can be the perfect pick. Vintage patterns can consist of essentially anything including flowers, paisleys, leaves, bows, or even clocks and newspaper prints. There are so many possibilities, and you can match the vintage print with the rest of the room décor. A vintage printed curtain can add a fascinating antique look to the entire room, merging all the décor elements together.


Metallic fabric can be found in gold, silver, rose gold, dull gold, bronze, etc. and it can transform the look and feel of your entire room. If the rest of the room has dull and toned-down colors, a shiny and bright metallic fabric color will boost the look of the entire room. The entire curtain fabric can be made of metallic material which gives the curtains a very striking look, however, if you’re going for something a little less bold, you can opt for a metallic foil design. Foil designs incorporate metallic elements only in small portions of the fabric pattern, perfect for a subtle metallic touch.  

Dots and Stripes

Dots and stripes can go with just about anything, so if you’re lost on what type of fabric design to choose, this one is a simple but very adaptable pattern. Dotted and striped patterns are found in almost every color imaginable, and the dots or stripes can range from the tiniest to largest possible sizes. Trending today are small polka-dot patterns for a classy finish, and large sized stripes mostly in two colors. Most popular types of stripes are black and white, but they can be in any matching or contrasting hues. For a minimalist décor theme, stripe and dot patterns are the best.

Fabric Quality


Cotton is the simplest fabric choice and has many benefits since it is budget-friendly, insulative, and durable. It is also hypoallergenic which means you don’t have to worry about potential allergy threats from your room. Cotton fabric is very light in weight and easy to manage; it will give an excellent fall to the curtain. The types of cotton materials which are best for curtains are twill cotton and cotton duck. One of the most popular curtain designs is the gingham cotton, which uses the checkered pattern on a cotton fabric, and would fit perfectly in kitchen décor themes.


Linen fabric gives a very elegant look and can be chosen in medium or heavy weight for curtain applications. This fabric type is also durable and thick and falls nicely. Linen fabric can be found in any color or print so you can match it accordingly with the rest of the décor. Linen curtains are also easier to install than other types of curtain fabrics, and they retain heat and limit the brightness of the room. If you are looking for a curtain material which is easy to manage and helps keep the room temperature cool, linen fabric is a practical choice.


To mix things up you can use velvet fabric curtains in the room, giving a unique and chic touch. Velvet comes in various thicknesses however can be difficult to manage due to its slightly heavier weight. Although, if you are looking for a fabric material which keeps the room warm and cozy, velvet décor is the perfect fit. Apart from keeping the room warm, velvet material can also help prevent dust and other harmful particles from entering the room through the windows. Velvet curtains are a great fit for any room you want to give a cozy and aesthetic touch to.


Silk not only has a fine and luxurious feel but is also a fabric with some interesting benefits. Silk is extremely light and airy and provides excellent curtain fall, along with being absorbent. However, silk can be damaged easily from materials coming in through the windows, so it’ll be necessary to add lining to the curtains for protection. Silk can be found mostly in plain colors and prints as well, and you can choose the color according to your wall paint, upholstery material, or any other décor element in the room. Silk is an amazing fabric choice for creating an elegant and delicate look.


Lace curtains can add a beautiful and chic touch to your room, and you can pair it with almost any type of décor. Lace curtains are found in any color and tend to have a sheer look to them. They can be used in any room setting such as kitchen, dining room, etc.  Lace fabric is made from either cotton, nylon, or viscose material. Lace curtains can give your room a very light and open feel due to its weaving style. Lace material looks adorable in bedrooms as well and some lacey throw pillows will add perfectly to the entire look.


Burlap material is inexpensive, strong, and adds a splendid rustic effect to the room. If you’re going for a stylish and rustic feel, then burlap fabric is the best choice for curtains. Other elements in the room such as sofas and pillows can also be matched with burlap material and some interesting burlap crafts can be used as decor. Burlap material most commonly comes in a tan color or variations like brown or beige. For décor themes centered around brown and beige, the burlap curtains will be a great fit. They will give the entire room a chic country vibe while providing great curtain functionality.


Synthetic fabric material is also an inexpensive choice and gives off a satin like appearance. Synthetic material gives great curtain fall and provide sturdiness as well. The best quality of synthetic material is that it doesn’t get wrinkled easily, making it a great fit for those rooms that need some robust décor. Synthetic fabrics are lightweight and easy to manage and can be found a variety of colors. A few synthetic materials have the feature of UV blocking which can be used to an advantage to keep the room cool during summer.

Correct Dimensions

Curtain Length

The length of a curtain can be divided into four major categories; sill, apron, floor, and puddle. You can choose the best fit according to your requirements. Sill length curtains do not go past the window sill, giving a cute and simple finish to the room. Apron length curtains are a little longer than sill curtains since they reach to the bottom of the apron of the window. Both types of curtains are short and easy to manage. A floor curtain reaches to the floor and gives a formal and elegant look. A puddle curtain is longer than floor length and creates ripples on the floor with the fabric.

Curtain Width

Another important factor regarding curtain dimensions is the width. The width of the curtain needs proper window measurements to create a good fit. The curtain width can be covering the entire window from one side to the other, or it can only cover a little portion on each side of the window. Either way, you need to ensure that appropriate measurement tools are used, and you can measure your windows by yourself at home or hire a professional for the task. The most popular type of curtains are those which cover the entire width of the window, regardless of the length chosen.



If you’re searching for a way to keep your room thermally insulated, an insulating curtain can significantly help. Almost any type of curtain can be transformed into an insulating curtain, so you don’t have to keep your options limited. The curtain consists of a few layers with your chosen fabric on top, then a reflective film, and then a vapor barrier and core high-density foam layer. The layers work together to prevent heat from entering or leaving the room and this curtain type is environment friendly, being completely customizable and helping you save energy in the process.

Noise Reducing

Noise reducing curtains are easy to install, budget friendly and actually work in blocking out excess noise from outdoors. The soundproof curtains are made of thicker and heavier materials, such as velvet, satin or polyester. Some curtains also double as providing noise reducing and insulating functionality. Soundproof curtains work by absorbing the echoes within the room and lessening the noise coming from outdoors. These curtains can be made in any color and style however are a tad bit difficult to manage due to their heaviness. Whatever the case, noise reducing curtains can improve your way of living.


If you plan on installing curtains outside of the house, you’ll need a curtain with outdoor functionality. For outdoor curtains the weather and temperature elements need to be taken in consideration. Curtain material needs to be fade-proof and resistant from mildew. Outdoor curtains also need to be light and flowing to allow sunlight into the house, but also create a slight shaded effect. The curtains can be hung anywhere such as the patio or entrance windows and can be found in all types of shades to match with the exterior. Curtains with outdoor functionality add an elegant and airy effect to your house and can be customized to your specific needs.



The curtains you choose to hang up can be of any material and of varying opacity. Sheer fabrics such as chiffon or voile are a nice choice for giving a light and breezy feel to the room. Sheer curtains will let a lot of sunlight in, brightening and uplifting the mood of the room. However, the curtains might not be suitable for rooms which need full privacy. If you need privacy features in your curtains, you’ll need to choose opaque materials such as linen or velvet, which provide insulation and complete protection from the sun.


Curtains can be hung up with or without lining. Curtain linings protect the original fabric of your curtain from fading in the sunlight. If you choose to put up sheer curtains, an inner lining layer can provide privacy since sheer curtains are completely see-through from the outside. Curtain linings also protect the window furnishings and can help them last longer. Not every type of curtain needs lining, though. If your curtain material is already heavy and insulating, adding lining might not be the best idea. You can select the lining feature of your curtains according to your fabric choice and privacy requirements.

There are so many things to consider when deciding on the type of curtains, but if you keep these main factors in mind, you can make the best decision possible.

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