When fall rolls around, the desire to revamp always hits hard. In summers we are inspired by all the beauty we’ve absorbed along the way, we become ready to get back to the grind and nest while the temperatures slowly drop. It’s only natural to want to get our spaces up to extinguish before we prepare to hole up.

While décor is arguably less short-lived than fashion— who would want to swap sofas every season—the approach to decorating is similar to dressing oneself. You can start with a few simple pieces and ornament with trendy accents while adding a few unique pieces to your collection along the way.

Some of the top home décor trends of 2018 were Rose gold, subway tiles and exposed lighting. New Year brings new decorating patterns, stylish, timeless pieces to fresh takes on old styles.

Artisan fittings

More decorators are limited to fixture from local artist and small businesses, especially lighting. Artisan fixtures personalize home helps shifts homes focus from the tech world to the natural world.

Today the emphasis on modern global decor is an enthrallment with artisanal, handmade finds and treatments. Ceramic dinnerware with freeform edges or hand-blown glass vases is easy additions to any home if you want an elusive go-ahead to what’s trending now. Hand made things will definitely give a new and unique look to décor.

Natural components

In 2019 move towards fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite. Such elements will bring an organic and peaceful environment to any space while reflecting the world around your home.

The new neutral is a rich mixture of grays, ivories, tans and shades of brown. Create visual interest with elusive variations of patterns and textures. You can use layer monochromatic pillows on sofa of different sizes and shapes, punching up the appeal with ribbed, knitted and patterned covers. In the dining room, you can pair a live edge natural wood dining table with chairs treated in a gray. At the end fill the space left with a textural ivory rug.

Velvet decor

There was a time when velvet was seen as old fashion and stale, but now it is trendy and viewed as a luxurious yet groovy. This multi-dimensional fabric has gained a lot of attention. It leads many designers to believe velvet decor will be one of 2019’s most preferred trends.  Velvet uplifts any piece of furniture, providing a lush-yet-approachable guise. For a bold statement you can décor a sofa swaddled in purple or navy blue velvet, and layer on ersatz fur throws and chunky knit pillows. Play with different textural combinations until you find a look that you love.

Floral arrangements

This is a really lovely trend. You will find flowery designs on cushions, bedding and as murals that have a pre-Raphaelite style. You will see the floral pattern in new light. Keep the rest of the look simple, so that the florals become the star. Pick out key colors’ to refurbish with.This decorating trend has been around for a while; in the ongoing year.Find out embellished proportions and complementary colors used for this timeless decor pattern.

Black and white scheme

The person who likes monochrome will adore this trend. The accessories used for this trend needs to be black. But if a person does not all black can use this décor by adding small blocks of white here and there. You can use beaded pendant, console and shelving unit. Combine this style with tactile pieces and white to balance it out.

The pictorial contrast of black and white will provide a sense of balance and impudence to your home’s space. You will want to incorporate a truly timeless design trend;black and white furnishings into your home’s decor this year.


Adding real or faux botanicals to the home is a 2018 trend is probably the easiest trend to follow. Start small with a succulent or an air plant in a handmade ceramic pot, or make a bold statement with a fiddle leaf fig shielded in a weighty floor planter. Use faux plant if there is no light in the room. Modern varieties of faux plants look just as real as live ones, and place them in any spot that needs a touch of color and texture. Take some time to give your living space a design refresh.

Trendy in pink

A massive hit, this trendy hue is getting a lot of attention. Pink shade make its way into home decor and fashion, but u can incorporate this hue in new creative and unique ways, as an easy way to update any space.

Dusty, old fashioned pinks are all the frenzy for autumn which is a perfect solution to the usual rusty tones. It is such an easy-on-the-eye color it’s simple to apply to our homes. In order to add warmth and color to your home, these tones will work especially well alongside metallic, contemporary greys and the new wave of darker neutrals. You can go for statement upholstery in vibrant pink velvet or you can look try painterly florals and layer textures and fabrics to add interest for more understated look.

Geometric designs

The geometric pattern is always trendy; you can use it in both modern and a classic way. It’s classic because it originates from ancient roman marble floors, so it’s perfect for a home with antiques and velvet curtains. These designs are basically from 20th century you can also make it modern by leaving it alone, as unique decoration with painted white walls and clean white stone floors. It’s young, it’s fresh, and it’s sophisticated

Similar to floral patterns, incorporating geometric patterns is not anew trend but geometric patterns are expected to become a dramatic presence for the New Year. Colors will be bolder with huge patterns. This trend will help make a bold statement in any room. A modish and easy way to add in this pattern into your home decor is adding geometric throws.

Furniture design

Think of curved and rounded shapes updated furniture for your living room, family room and bedroom. Unexpected silhouettes and sweeping contours can be used, especially for sofas, sectionals, chairs and chaises. These silhouettes are perfectly suited for snuggling up during autumn and winter; they make aavowal during all seasons. Asymmetry is having a strong moment, too. Look for furniture that features artful lines, such as sofas with high-low backs or sectionals that gently curve inward.

Curved sofas have many advantages like you never have to look at the flat ugly back of a sofa again. Second, conversation in the area is now positioned where everyone seated on the sofa can see or face each other. Third advantage is this that the organic curve adds harmony and order to the room instead of just a flat-lined sofa.

Fall Garlands

Interior décor is important in fall but you should not neglect your exterior. An easy way to dress up your entrance way for fall is by including a fall wreath. Add a wreath to your front door with twigs and leaves in orange, yellow and red. A eucalyptus wreath or garland is a hot style for this fall season.

 Blankets & Bedding for autumn

With the changes in temperature from hot to cool it might be time to switch from the light summer quilt to a thicker duvet. Look for coverlet covers in jewel tones that have a unique texture. Playful and full of color, this trend is certainlyblissful. Look out for bold shades in different shapes – stripes, geometrical, spots and blocks. Pop it all together and you’ll have this trend.Canopy beds are readily available in an endless collection of options.They usually boast a slim silhouette and elements; they can now fit in almost any room with ease. Choose a canopy bed that is quiet and slim to ensure that it won’t take up too much space or ever go out of style.

Diversified Materials

Experiment with your own combination of neutral colors, home accessories and furniture are also freshly updated with mixed materials. Sofas no longer need to be enclosed in the same fabric; instead, find one with a combination of leather and upholstery. Think of accent tables that juxtaposedindustrial metalswith unexpected pairings, including faux shagreen, agate or raw wood.

For the objects like photos, books and vases, choose the bookshelves dressed in marble, glass and gold or brass. Even if an item itself doesn’t feature an integrated mix of materials, you can create your own collection of perfectly incompatible vases, picture frames, candle holders and sculptural objects in a way that speaks to this trend.

70’s chic

Like velvet and geometric design many old designs are trending back and one of them 70’chic. 70’s chic decor is all warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes. Including this trend into your home will bring out amazing personality into every living room or bedroom design.

Bucket sinks

These sinks are also known as Trough sinks.Bucket sink joins the list of vintage design trends that are predicted to make a massive comeback in this year. Farm-house inspired, these pans are family friendly and will add personality and touch longing to any kitchen or bathroom.

Concrete accent

Although concrete has left the construction zone, yet in 2019 it will step into many homes decor. Providing a crisp, clean look that’s easy to praise Concrete isn’t just for countertops. Geometric concrete tiles will become increasingly popular and will be the hottest design trends into one stylish piece.

Colors in autumn

Rose gold was one of 2018’s most used decor trend, yet in 2019 we use more copper accents, along with a mixture of other metals. With its red and orange tones and overall earthy hue, copper is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the New Year. Orange, red, yellow and gold are mostly used colors. They are not only used alone but with the combination of other colors as well.

Kitchen décor

While decorating the whole house how can we forget kitchen! Kitchen is the most important part of a house.Kitchens are undergoing changes they are no longer simple all about one style of units, a worktop and a matching splash back. This innovative and exciting trend is all about mixing it up – different textures sat next to each other, contrasting in both color and touch. A sleek quartz work surface with an integrated solid wood chopping board or dark cabinetry against a clean marbled splash back makes for an eye-catching space or style.

What it comes down to – literally!

Winter season not only ends the year but it also makes transition into the new one. We all feel the winds of change from the moment when the first leaves start falling and there comes an urge to redecorate and bring new life into the house. Redecorating is expensive and time consuming but one can fulfill its desire to redecorate home by only bringing minor changes. Try incorporating some of the hot colors, like peacock blue and tufted textures into your home décor this year to get the look.


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