I adore my home. I guess we all do. It’s the place where we come to rest after a hard day at work. Being an interior design enthusiast, I try to feel and relate to the interior designers and famous home influencers over the internet. Even though I love the way my home looks, I love poring over images of other home influencers on Pinterest, looking at all the perfect homes, and wondering what it must be like to live there. I have often taken ideas from Pinterest to remodel, choose colours, murals and design choices for my living space. It always makes me wonder how it would feel to live in a home that is just so immaculately designed. I have learnt eight ways to make my home Pinterest perfect for a week. I implemented these on my new living space for a week and came up with the following points.

Being artsy is not a skill, it is a talent that can not be learnt or copied by looking at pieces of DIY home decorations over the internet. Almost everyone can carry out organizing and cleaning tasks but not everyone can make masterpieces to decorate their homes. If you do not possess a natural flair for art and design stop trying, it won’t make you artistic. Trust me, I’ve tried and to say the least, I was not very successful. 

2. Most Pinterest influencer's homes are vacant.

Do you ever find yourself wondering how the pillows and duvets look so fluffy in all those pins? Or how squeaky clean do the kitchen appliances look like they’ve never been used? Well that is because they actually have not been used. Most homes that top home influencers photograph are pseudo-homes. We all know only uninhabited homes look that shiny. It is otherwise impossible for a living space to be so flawless if is is being used.  

3. Less is more.

The style of minimalism in home decor is trending and this applied to Pinterest trends as well. You may have noticed that pictures on Pinterest are usually non-cluttered with a few basic objects that are the focus of the picture. Too much detail and far too many decorative items in home decor are considered to be a disaster- keep it simple and keep it stylish. Your living space must be having a few elements that will reflect in your style with zero clutter. 

4. Go retro or go home.



Vintage styles of interiors are now trending. All the top vintage interior design blogs mention this and the home improvement bloggers agree on the fact that everything old is new again. Feel free to add in a few touches of your favourite retro look or if you are bold enough, then you may just as well  go all the way to create a space that epitomizes an era that will take you decades back. Vintage styles are preferred as they give a sense of celestial belonging and style to the home. Vintage cars, dressing styles and interiors have become the trend. 

5. Lighting is the key.

One of the biggest secrets to a beautiful and Pinterest-perfect home is one that is well lighted. Good lighting not only makes the home seem spacious and well lit but also makes sure that the pictures come out well. Natural light or artificial light, that is thrown at the right angles gives all the elements of the living space seem in harmony with one another. Big windows and sheer curtains are the style of decade and it is here to stay due to the effect it has on the dynamics of  the room. 

6. Say hello with wallpapers.

Wallpapers were deemed obsolete  just a decade ago but now they’ve come back with a huge bang. People today prefer designed wallpapers of different colours, styles, and patterns to embellish their walls. It is certain that covering all the walls of a room with wallpapers will send the room into a decor overkill so a wall or two is filled out with  a bold colourful wallpaper that gives the room its aesthetic essence. 

7. Go green with plants.

Plants not only look aesthetically pleasing but also allow for the purification of air naturally. Indoor plants are a trend that has recently emerged as it makes the room seem less robotic and somehow closer to nature. Having indoor plants also makes your home seem less stuffy in case you live in a small apartment. With the busy routines we all have, it makes impossible to visit parks so why not bring one into our own home? 

8. You can't go wrong with a gallery wall.

One of the best ways to make your home look picture perfect is to opt for a gallery wall. Top interior design experts have said that the best way to display art in your home to make it more aesthetically appealing is to create a canvas wall gallery. This will not only make your home seem artsy but also give it a sense of proportion. Usually the pictures that you choose are the ones close to your heart so they give you a feeling of belonging.  

Comfort over everything else.

At the end it all comes down to the fact that your home is your personal living space where you spend most of the day when you are not at work or at your educational institutions. It is important to keep your home as comfortable as possible. It is no good to you if your living space is picture perfect yet you feel uneasy with the fake pretense of a perfect home. Do not let the unrealistic standards set by online bloggers make you feel pressured to  copy them. Its their job after all and you don’t need to overdo it in accord to follow them. Pick and choose what you like only when it seems like a practical way of living  and implement it on to your living spaces. Feel free to make  changes and edits, you are not bound by any chance. If you copy someone way too much, you will start feeling like an intruder in your own home

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