Need some fresh inspiration for a new kitchen island? Or are you renovating the kitchen, but don’t know where to start?

There are so many creative kitchen island styles out there. Choose from any of these trending island ideas, and you’ll be on your way to having that dream kitchen in no time.

1. Oversized Kitchen Island

You can keep the kitchen’s simple look while adding a lot of function. Using a large-sized island lets, you have a lot more counter space, ideal for prepping meals or creating a dining space.

 Huge kitchen islands are making their way into homes everywhere and are very useful for entertaining guests. A large kitchen island can be of the same material and colour as the rest of your kitchen furniture and equipment. 

On the other hand, you can experiment with contrasting styles. A large-sized island countertop is bound to look stunning in any material or colour.

2. Creative Seating Options

If you want the kitchen island to serve as a dining or sitting area as well, you can easily add chairs to the design. It’s best to add seating when your island has a counter overhang feature so that the chairs are tucked underneath. 

It will save you a lot of space in the kitchen. Adding an assortment of chairs and stools can set a charming tone to your kitchen area. If your kitchen island is dull, make it into a fun and quirky space by including a variety of seating styles.

3. Add Appliances

There is a range of appliances you can incorporate into the kitchen island. They include sinks, stove-tops, dishwashers or ovens. 

Installing any of these appliances on the island is a great way to make more space. This idea also lets you spread out the flow of work throughout the entire kitchen, rather than having all handy appliances cramped up in one place. 

For installation of individual appliances, you need to keep in mind factors regarding ventilation, plumbing, and creating extra space within the island cabinets.

4. Multi-level Kitchen Island

Multi-level islands are a convenient addition to the kitchen. To get the multi-level look you can use as many levels as you prefer, but make sure not to overdo it. 

The best multi-level style can be achieved by a split-level island that uses one level for cleaning and cooking, and a higher level for dining. It allows the messy cooking area to be separate from the serving or dining area. The higher level looks excellent as a bar height countertop paired with bar stools.

5. Create Storage Space

There are so many possibilities for using your kitchen island as a storage unit. The island not only adds more counter space, but it can also increase storage capacity in the entire kitchen too. 

You can use just about any type of storage elements such as cupboards, drawers and shelves. You can showcase unique items in the shelves, or create a pullout basket storage. The storage space also looks neat when used as a bookshelf. You can also create easy access to your dishes by storing them in open shelves.

6. Add Hanging Shelves

The space above the island counter can be utilized well by installing a suspended storage system. Hanging shelves make a great addition to any kitchen, and they especially look good above island areas.

 You can display pots and pans or unique decoration pieces on the shelving. Instead of suspended shelves, the hanging storage can be a hanging pot rack or glass racks. These kinds of shelves are made specifically for your items to create an attractive, organized display.

7. Add Bar Stools

You can create any look with bar stools, ranging from modern chic to rustic, to retro. A retro kitchen uses diner-like seats while a rustic kitchen uses wood-style bar stools. 

You don’t have to go all out; a few minimal design bar stools also look great with an island. Kitchen Barstools can be added to any kitchen island style whether its multi-level, single level, over-sized, or small and thin. The trendy bar stool look can provide a fantastic finish to your entire kitchen.

8. Waterfall Design

The waterfall island design is found quite commonly in homes and has become highly popular. The waterfall edge has a bench-top surface with the sides cascading down one side or both sides. 

The design is relatively more affordable than others and has a much better practical application. The waterfall island not only looks very elegant in the kitchen, but it also makes a great space for stools or chairs too. 

Waterfall islands are used widely because of their practicality, but also give a simplistic and chic vibe to the kitchen.

9. Mix Marble and Metal

A mix of different materials always creates a fun and unique space in the home. Marble and metal fit very nicely together with no matter what type of metal or marble you use. 

You can pair white marble with gold or silver, or you can pair black marble with rust. Grey marble countertops also go great with metal materials.

 The possibilities are endless, and the result is sure to look spectacular. Metal and marble both add a beautiful finish to the kitchen elements.

10. Black and White Kitchen Island

Black and white is a universally loved colour combination, and you can utilize it in almost any room in the home. A black and white kitchen is an excellent option if you’re going for a modern and retro mixed vibe.

You can implement the two contrasting colours in your kitchen island within the countertop, base, cupboard, drawer, or chair colours. A variety of materials can be used, such as white or black marble, white and black wood, and white and black fabric chairs. There are a lot of combinations you can use to create a black and white kitchen island.

11. Add Lighting

There are so many fun and innovative options for home lighting. From chandeliers to lanterns, you can use light to brighten and liven up the kitchen. 

Using the space above the island is a smart idea since it can put the space to use while adding extra light in the kitchen. A luxurious chandelier hung over an over-sized kitchen island provides an fantastic elegant feel. 

You can also hang pendant lights, crystal chandeliers, glass lanterns, metal lanterns or even some unique and funky lighting pieces.

12. Double Sink Island

A double sink island is an excellent idea for kitchens in need of more functionality. You can use both sinks simultaneously for different purposes, making work in the kitchen much more comfortable.

You can add a double sink to any kitchen island given that it’s big enough to fit the size of the sinks. You must make sure that with the addition of sinks, enough space remains on the counter for other purposes. A double sink island looks modern and stylish and adds more functionality to your kitchen.

13. Long Island

If you have room to work with, you can install a long and narrow kitchen island. A large kitchen could benefit from a long island since it uses extra space wisely

There are so many styles and décor options you can add with a long kitchen island. The best choice to utilize it is to add a row of bar stools or chairs along one end. You can also add beautiful décor pieces on the countertop or use the top as a display of crockery.

14. Add Beams

You can add beams to all sides of your kitchen island, or you can add them on one side or two. Either way, beams can make a great addition to the kitchen and give an old-fashioned or rustic feel. 

While it depends on the type used, you can create a luxurious and chic feel with rounded metal beams or keep it minimalist by adding black or white painted beams. They are a fantastic choice for giving a unique and personalized touch.

15. Wooden Countertops

Butcher block countertops have been gaining a lot of popularity, and you can see them in all types of kitchens. Wood can be paired with just about any other material and gives off a subtle and natural look

A butcher block island with four exposed beams can be used to create a rustic and warm feel to the kitchen. Wooden materials instantly give the room a more homey and welcoming appearance, so if you’re going for this look, a wood countertop island will work spectacularly.

16. Colour Statements

There are so many colours you can apply within the kitchen to make a statement. While the rest of the kitchen remains simple and dull, you can brighten up the room with a coloured island.

A bright-coloured countertop can help achieve a bold look in the kitchen, and you can pair it with white and gold elements.

Another option can be to use blue cabinets in the island while having a marble countertop. There are a lot of possibilities to implements pops of colour on the kitchen island.

17. Vaulted Ceiling

A kitchen Island works wonderfully with a vaulted ceiling. If you already have a vaulted ceiling in place or are planning to build one in the kitchen, an island is a must. 

Along with the vaulted ceiling, wood elements look great and add a modern and spacious feel to the kitchen. Large hanging lanterns, chandeliers, or other lighting pieces will go perfectly with the kitchen island and vaulted ceiling. If you’re going for a modern farmhouse look, this is a great way to implement it.

18. Range Hoods

Range hoods are an excellent way to add more functionality to the kitchen island. They provide the kitchen with ventilation along with giving it a fresh industrial feel. 

You don’t necessarily have to make a range hood look simple. You can choose from a variety of range hood options and build your kitchen island look around it. 

If you’re going for practical elements in the kitchen along with a stylish modern look, adding a range hood to your island is the perfect option.

19. Sunken Sink

Instead of having a sink protruding from the kitchen island and creating a bulky effect, you can add a sunken sink design. It increases the amount of counter space you’ll have to work with, and the sunken sink looks incredibly modern and sleek

You can combine a sunken sink with other appliances to make a well-functioning kitchen island. A sunken sink island is an excellent addition for the kitchen’s centred around modern and sleek designs.

20. Re-purposed Furniture Island

Re-purposing furniture not only saves money, but it can also turn out to be a great craft. You can re-purpose a few different kinds of furniture and create a kitchen island from them.

Some interesting examples are a sofa table, cabinet, or a bar height dining table. Either one would look amazing in the kitchen when paired with all the other design elements. You can re-paint the old pieces of furniture or use them as they are for a rustic vibe.

21. Wheel Island

Re-purposing furniture not only saves money, but it can also turn out to be a great craft. You can re-purpose a few different kinds of furniture and create a kitchen island from them.

Some interesting examples are a sofa table, cabinet, or a bar height dining table. Either one would look amazing in the kitchen when paired with all the other design elements. You can re-paint the old pieces of furniture or use them as they are for a rustic vibe.

22. Counter-top Shapes

An island doesn’t necessarily have to be the standard square or rectangle shape. You can experiment with different shapes and create a kitchen island that genuinely stands out. 

You can implement various shapes within different levels of the island. So, you can combine shapes and levels to create a whole new look. 

Rounded countertops are becoming popular nowadays. They provide a smooth and natural finish to the kitchen island and can be mixed with square and rectangle shapes.

23. Perimeter Kitchen Island

A perimeter island works well in open layouts. The perimeter shape helps to define the kitchen space and create a solid frame of the area. 

Perimeter islands can be made of any material, and you can use just about any décor and furniture items with them. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a solid frame but want to keep an open feeling, a perimeter island could be the right choice.

24. Drop Leaf Island

A drop-leaf island uses space wisely since it has an extra counter that you can open and close. You can pop out the counter when more space is needed and then drop it back down when you need to move around the kitchen. 

This type of island can save a lot of space in a small kitchen. So, for those small kitchens that need space-saving elements, a drop-leaf island is the way to go.

25. Floating Ledge

You can connect an Island to a wall or another piece of furniture in the kitchen. It’s a great option if you need to save space.

The floating ledge creates an open and natural vibe in the kitchen since you don’t use any support or beams under the ledge. For a modern and elegant touch, you can add a floating ledge kitchen island.

26. Double Islands

Who says you could only have one kitchen island? If you need to utilize the space in a large kitchen or an open kitchen layout, adding two islands is a smart choice. 

You can use both islands for different purposes; for example, one can be a dining area while the other serves as a cooking space. There are a lot of possibilities with this choice, and you can add chairs, lighting, or bright colours to your liking.

27. Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar island is a highly practical design that you can use in the kitchen. A breakfast bar has considerable height as compared to other island styles and uses high bar stools as well. If you plan to use the kitchen for prepping meals and serving them right at the counter, a breakfast bar kitchen island would be an amazing fit.

28. Chicken Wire Cabinets

Chicken wire cabinet faces add some unique rustic vibes to the kitchen. You can add chicken wire to your island cabinets and around the entire kitchen to match. The style provides the kitchen with a beautiful farmhouse look. The mesh design of the chicken wires is also practical since you can store items behind it while still having them in sight for easy access. 

29. Colorful Chairs

An easy and creative way to brighten up the kitchen is to create an island with colourful chairs or stools. This way, you can incorporate just about any colour into the kitchen.

Bright coloured chairs or stools can add fun and personality to the kitchen, especially if the rest of the room is neutral and plain. Create a pop of colour or add subtle and toned-down colours to your island; either way, the coloured chairs will look great.

30. Dining Table Function

The kitchen island can easily double as a dining table if it’s large enough. Dining chairs can be added to a large kitchen island to form a fun and functional eating area. 

The dining table kitchen island can serve as a great socializing place as well since one can cook and entertain guests at the same time. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is if you’re looking for a personalized and attractive touch to the kitchen you should opt for the dining table island.

We’ve seen such beautiful and versatile designs for kitchen islands. Depending on your requirements, one of these is sure to be a perfect fit.

We’ve seen such beautiful and versatile designs for kitchen islands. Depending on your requirements, one of these is sure to be a perfect fit.

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