Art Deco refers to an architecture style with origins from the time of World War I in France. Art Deco buildings are found all around the world and usually exhibit very fine detail and craftsmanship skills. Here are some of the most notable Art Deco architectures you’ll come across:

1. Lacerda Elevator, Brazil

Located in Salvador, Brazil, the Lacerda Elevator is a famous landmark with granite walls and flooring and it features an alluring lighting theme. The building gives off an extremely unique look. It was initially made to allow easy access between the Upper and Lower Cities. The Lacerda Elevator is definitely one famous building to put on your must-visit list.

2. Chrysler Building, United States

The Chrysler building is one of the most well-known skyscrapers in New York. It’s the tallest brick building found in the world and was built at an amazing speed. The building’s terrace features ornate designs and the entire building is designed with original Art Deco style. The Chrysler Building now serves as an office oriented space.

3. Marine Building, Canada

Located in downtown Vancouver, Canada, the Marine building was evidently inspired by the elements of the sea. The design consists of sea creatures such as turtles, crabs and sea snails, giving it a charming ocean vibe. The building was made in the 1920’s and for a while, it was the tallest skyscraper in the British Empire.

4. Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Belgium

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a church in Brussels, Belgium and is the largest building of its kind. It is made up of bricks and concrete materials and is a huge standing structure, ruling Brussels’s northwestern skyline. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the largest Roman Catholic churches found around the world. Its construction took a while due to the two World Wars but was completed in 1969.

5. Eden Teatro, Portugal

This building located in Lisbon is one of Portugal’s major landmarks and was intended to be a large theater. The Eden Teatro was designed by Cassiano Branco and was opened in 1931. The building was closed later, however, and then reopened as the Orion Eden Hotel. In its time, it used to serve as a huge cinema. The name Eden Teatro is found on the Art Deco stonework style of the building.

6. Kavanagh Building, Argentina

The Kavanagh Building is a skyscraper situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was made in 1934 by the local architects. The Building doesn’t exhibit any external ornamental design, rather focuses on the definitive structure of the lines. At it’s time, the building was unique because it provided air conditioning, had twelve elevators, and used an advanced plumbing system.

7. Bacardi Building, Cuba

This building is one of the main landmarks of Havana, Cuba and is located in the city’s historic center. The Bacardi Building was completed in 1930 with twelve stories. It was said to be the largest building in the city at the time made by Esteban Rodriguez-Castells and Rafael Fernandez Ruenes. It was originally designed to be the Bacardi Rum Company’s headquarters. The building is known as one of the best Art Deco buildings in the entire Latin America region.

8. National Diet Building, Japan

The National Diet Building in Tokyo, Japan was made as the meeting place for the Japanese legislature assemblies. It was constructed in 1936 and the main features of the building can be seen to be its ornate stained glass.

9. The Hôtel d’un Collectionneur, France

This Art Deco hotel was created in 1925 in Paris, France by the architect Pierre Patout. The Hotel d’un Collectionneur consists of a large central oval space termed as the Grand Salon, with rooms surrounding the space. The hotel is furnished with rich colors and unique ornamentation on the inside.

10. National Tobacco Company Building, New Zealand

The National Tobacco Company Building was made in 1933 in Napier, New Zealand and represented a new city which was built after the strike of a disastrous Earthquake in the little town. The building is adorned with roses and shows beautiful sunburst motifs at the exterior.

11. New India Assurance Building, India

The building was made in 1936 in Mumbai, India, inspired by Egyptian elements as seen on the front gate stones. The building boasts a variety of textures such as terracotta, stucco, concrete, smooth faced stone and opaque glass in its architecture.

12. Daily Express Building, England

The Daily Express Building belongs to the Daily Express Newspaper Company. It was constructed in 1932 in Fleet Street, London, England. The architects were Ellis and Clark and they incorporated some of the best Art Deco features into the building.

13. Fine Arts Palace, Mexico

The Fine Arts Palace was inaugurated in 1934 in Mexico City and was built essentially to replace the national theater there. The building contains two museums along with facilities such as a restaurant and book store. There are beautiful and uniquely styled murals inside the building, which were crafted by Mexico’s greatest artists.

14. Mayakovskaya Metro Station, Russia

The Metro Station building situated in Moscow, Russia, was made in 1938 inspired by a poem by Mayakovsky. The poem addressed the future of the Soviet Union. This station in Moscow was designed by architect Alexey Dushkin. The key characteristic of the station’s architecture are the colonnades on each side of the track, making it a one of a kind train station in the country.

15. Majorca Building, Australia

The Majorca building is a one-of-a-kind stature made of timber and glass. An eight-story tower designed in the year 1928, it is located in Melbourne, Australia. The tower was made by the famous architect Harry Norris and currently serves as an apartment building. Harry Norris is said to have designed the building with both American and Australian architecture characteristics with his unique use of glazed architectural terracotta material.

16. Paramount Theatre, United States

The Paramount Theatre located in Oakland, California is an Art Deco concert hall which can seat 3,040 people. It was built in 1931 and was the largest multi-purpose theatre on west coast at the time. The building’s exterior consists of a signature Paramount sign and a spectacularly crafted mosaic tiled design.

17. Asia Insurance Building, Singapore

This 270 feet tall Art Deco building was designed by Ng Keng Siang, who was known to be one of Singapore’s pioneer architects. The Asia Insurance Building is the headquarter for Asia Insurance Company and was made in 1955. The building was later acquired by the Ascott Group in 2006 who had it refurbished for use as apartments.

18. St. Peter’s Cathedral, Morocco

Located in Rabat, Morocco, this Roman Catholic church was opened in 1921. The church was dedicated to St. Peter which explains the origin of the name. The leading architect was Adrien Laforgue. The cathedral’s two towers which were later added in the 1930’s are its most distinctive feature and can be seen clearly in the Rabat skyline.

19. Yacoubian Building, Egypt

This building is named after its Armenian owner, Hagop Yacoubian and is situated in Cairo, Egypt. The Yacoubian Building was constructed in 1937 and was initially home to an Egyptian society. The building’s Art Deco style gives off a luxurious look and it became such a famous landmark in Egypt that a motion picture was made based on the building.

20. Royal Railway Station, Cambodia

Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Royal Railway Station is used now for transporting goods. The building is not a functional railway station for the public; therefore, no access is available. The station is made in 1932 from reinforced concrete material and its construction was a long process due to unfavorable weather conditions.

21. Central Market, Malaysia

The Central Market building is a landmark for the Malaysian heritage and culture and is found in the city of Kuala Lampur. The market was initially founded as a wet market in 1888. The wet market was beneficial for the tin makers of Kuala Lampur. At that time, it wasn’t made into a characteristic Art Deco style building, but in 1937 the current Art Deco style was implemented. The Central Market Annexe at the back of the building contained a cineplex in 2006.

22. Broadway Mansions, China

The magnificent Broadway Mansion building in Shanghai, China is a five-star hotel made in Art Deco style. The building was constructed in 1934 and has been one of the main symbols of Shanghai city. The Broadway Mansions consists of 19 floors and is definitely a place to go stay for your next vacation.

23. Ankara Railway Station, Turkey

The Ankara Railway Station made in 1937 in Ankara, Turkey was designed by German architects. The Art Deco architecture consists of rounded and squared structures with definitive lines. The main characteristic of the building is the title in red “Ankara Gari.” It resides within the Ulus quarter and is a famous landmark of the city of Ankara.

24. Plaza del Mercado de Ponce, Puerto Rico

Located in Ponce, Puerto Rico, the historic marketplace known as the Plaza del Mercado was not originally Art Deco. It was inaugurated in 1863 by the Mayor of Ponce and much later in 1941 was transformed into the Art Deco style. The building was architected by Timoteo Luberza and is located amidst the Ponce Historic Zone. It occupies an entire city block and has the capacity for 65 kiosks.

25. Die Glocke, Germany

Die Glocke translates into “the bell” and is a concert hall located in Bremen, Germany. The original Glocke building was demolished in a fire and was rebuilt and designed by Walter Gorig with the construction being completed in 1928. The concert hall displays a unique and elegant architectural design. It has a deep red brick structure and stone within the outer walls and consists of unique structural combinations including stepped gables and oriel bays.

26. Harlingen Lighthouse, Netherlands

This beautiful and refreshing structure found in Friesland, Netherlands was originally built as a lighthouse. The design was crafted by C. Jelsma in the 1920’s. The Harlingen Lighthouse is now being used as a hotel with accommodation for two. The Art Deco architecture features square shapes, with materials such as stone and steel complimenting its simple and exceptional style. The definitive structure and modest detailing make this one of the most inspiring Art Deco buildings.

27. Aquarium of Rhodes, Greece

The Aquarium of Rhodes located in Rhodes, Greece was built in 1930 and is a remarkable structure standing close to the ocean water. The building functions as a research center, aquarium and museum and is currently being run by the National Centre of Marine Research. The Italian architect Armando Bernabiti designed the aquarium building with a unique and classy touch. The Art Deco style shows simplicity in the architecture outlines and the use of rounded structures.

28. Qamar House, Pakistan

This structure named as the Qamar House was designed in 1951 in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently the building is used as the head office for EFU Life, the largest insurance company in Pakistan. The building was the tallest one in Karachi before the Habib Bank Plaza building was constructed in 1968. The Qamar House exhibits a straightforward yet grand Art Deco style.

29. Ansteys Building, South Africa

The Ansteys Building in Johannesburg, South Africa is a landmark which was made in 1937. It was architected by Emley and Williamson and consists of twenty floors. The dramatic sense of the architecture gives it a standalone Art Deco feature. The building is crafted with two wings as the main portions and a mixture of round and pointed edges with a neutral color base contributes to its classy structure.

30. Afable Building, Philippines

The Afable Building was designed by the architect Pablo Antonio in Manila, Philippines. Its construction started in 1931 with the intent of making three total floors. The structure of the building is made of a combination of cement, wood and brick. The Afable Building has been transformed into what is now known as the Afable College of Medicine and Surgery. The Art Deco building demonstrates intricate stone carvings at the front gate.

After seeing some of the best Art Deco buildings in different countries around the world, you must be wondering how one architectural style can produce such beautiful and diverse outcomes. Art Deco is an exceptional form of architecture which has established itself well around the globe, giving some of our favorite structures their unique touches.

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