A canvas in a room adds colour, depth, and style to any living space. Rather than putting up a flatand framed photograph, canvases carry a level of richness in its texture and depth of that instantly modify the room and wall they’re hung on. It’s easy to create canvas prints out of almost any photo or image and this has become a core element of interior home design when it comes to wall art. The photos can range from people, scenery, buildings, events, promotional items, and company logos, abstract art, and personalized artwork for themes. Moreover, most trending in canvases are personal pictures of people and places which are printed onto the canvas as well to portray accomplishments or to create a friendly environment.

Remember, you don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to create stylish, simple but effective canvas art to display your interests incorporation into the décor of your home. For most people, more challenging DIY canvas art is part of the thrill while gathering ideas to setting up their wall displays.

If you possess a love for travel and have a favourite vacation photo you’d like to have put up on your living room wall, and then consider using those images from vacations and trips as your wall canvas displays. These memorable exotic images can add a little more spice to your days and make you recall happy times during tough times.

2. Photos of your hobbies

Let your walls be a showcase of all your passions by creating some wall canvas prints that aim to show to your visitors what you love the most. Make sure that you click some close-up images of things and places that you enjoy doing the most. You can try to make them as personal as you like, showing off only little details that will help recall the hobby and make you feel better about yourself when you look at it.

3. Nature photos

Brighten up your living spaces by bringing spring into your homes. Opting for natural shades and tones  that reflect the spring time look amazing and help you connect with mother nature. Hues found at this time of year can be alluring, and opting for natural sceneries can prove to be calming as well.

4. Abstract style designs

Today minimalism has given rise to abstract style designs as they portray the artists inner thoughts and beliefs in a way that id perceived differently by different people.  Your living room canvas print can be a great topic to start off in breaking ice when meeting new people.

5. Display family photos

Killing the obsolete styles; get your family photos off of desks and put them on the wall in the form of some life-sized canvas prints. Families are an integral part of who we are and incorporating them into our walls as canvases gives a sense of belonging to us.

6. Show off some personal photography

Many of us have a camera lying around them these days; making digital images easy to create. If you can take good photos that are worth showing off to the world , consider having them made into canvas prints.


7. Dream destination on canvases

Did always wanted to travel, but never had the chance? Then the best canvas option for you is turning some of your dream destinations into large wall canvas prints. You can choose from lush forests, to Caribbean islands to soothing tropical landscapes or robust city views; just about anything that will make you dream bigger. Having a wall display that depicts your dreams gives you the motivation to  start making plans to get there soon.

8. Fabric art style wall hanging and canvases

You can glue or pin your most favourite fabric to canvas for your walls to spice up the décor of your house. Carpets, picture murals and other fabrics can also be used to create a fabric style wall art. If you are good with embroidery, you can embroider something and put it up as a canvas.

9. Photo collage

If you love more than one picture and don’t have many walls to spare, it is best for you to opt for creating gorgeous photo collages on your wall canvases. Not only do they allow you to incorporate many pictures into one frame but also give off a feeling of variation  and cut back on monotony.

10. Celebrities on your wall

Have a superstar who’s your idol? Then you should consider hanging around a few photos of them up around your living space for a fun and fantasy-filled living. You can opt for different canvases or have a collage canvas to display your favourite celebrity.

11. Your hometown

You know you have your roots deep in your hometown better than anywhere else in  the world. So, why not take some beautiful pictures of the places and spots in your hometown that take you down memory lane and convert them into canvas prints? You can choose your favourite locations, and get them to sit on your wall like a visual memoir of the years gone by.

12. Calm coloured landscapes

If you suffer from anxiety or have a routine that leaves you drained, having a soothing hues canvas is a great way to help change the tone or mood of a room. Keeping in mind the science of colour therapy, you can choose a colour that calms you the most and the landscape can be picked in accord to that.  You may want to gaze at a tranquil image for mental de-stressing or to simply zone-out from the day-to-day hectic routine.

13. Pictures of children and pets

Humans are interactive social beings that are attached to their children or their pets.  As we tend to display pictures of whom we love the most, having images of pets and kids as wall canvases would be a great way to portray your love.

14. DIY Canvas arts

Get creative and show your artistic side to the world with some amazing DIY wall canvas arts. There are hundreds of  wonderful canvas art ideas that are skittering across the internet on blogs, its quite easy to get inspired into creating a DIY wall canvas by using some paint, glitter and some tape.


15. Textured Wall art

All you need is some paints and modeling paste to create your own i textured painting. You can have this form of canvas in a 3D look that is sure to give life to your living space and help set it apart from others.

Keep in mind that we provide in-shop scanning as well as photography in addition to printing your beautiful custom canvas works of art. We want to make sure you get the moments captured for you to keep and remember for the years to come in the form of wonders of the canvas prints .

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  1. I love how canvas prints add relief to your walls. As a Personal Photo Organizer I tend to recommend using your own family photos to put on your walls. We’ve done several collages using vacation photos or family photos. Having photos on your walls that you see everyday is great for reinforcing those bonds of family as well as conversation starters when guests come over. Great examples of canvas prints Hadiya.

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