When we think about any room in the house in terms of decoration, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the furniture. It’s the basic element that makes each room distinct from the other. Just like the drawing-room would have more sofas, the bedroom would be filled with bed sets, dressing tables, and cupboards. If you are renovating your house or are thinking of giving your house a new look, then adding a few changes to your furniture will help you with the task. Also, if you are not willing to spend money on any new furniture, then you need not worry as by a little touch to your old furniture you can add a glow to your house. How? Here are the twelve ways to do it.

1. Enameling

As the furniture of our house gets older, it is covered by scrapped off paint and a rough surface. Enamel finish can be used to hide surface flaws like stained surface, bad quality wood, and removed paint. It can be used on the wooden surface as it tough and easy to handle and using it over an old piece or bare wood can create a striking accent piece. Flyspecking or antique glazing can be used to give a vintage look, for a more gold touch to your furniture wax gilding can be used. Enamel is completely different from ordinary paint as it has pigments in an oil base, and unlike paint that gives a soft finish, the enamel is as tough as varnish. This why enamel is preferred over paint when it concerns furniture. It is most suitable for pieces of furniture like kitchen tables, front door, and pieces that are heavily used every day. Enamel is not really hard t work with and goes a long way, and the beautiful butter satin finish is preferable over the water-based latex finish. The biggest advantage of enameling furniture is that it does not need a top coat and last for five to ten years without the need to repaint.

2. Wallpapers

This is the most loved tool by people who want to decorate their furniture with their very own hands and to use their creativity and skills. If you have old furniture that you love, but it has lost its luster, you can simply breathe new life into it with wallpapers of different patterns. It can be used on almost all surfaces, let it glass, plastic, or even wood so you no need to worry about how to add color to your wooden furniture pieces. When listing down where the wallpapers can be applied, the possibilities are endless. Desk doors, tabletops, shelves, room dividers, cupboards and closets, and a lot of furniture can be styled as you like it with wallpapers. However, there is one little thing when using this idea that you should not neglect. Please ensure that you choose the colors and patterns that look subtle and will not clash with the other furniture and decoration pieces present in the room as it might result in a final look that creates a sense of clashing styles and obviously will not look really impressive.

3. Sofa makeover

Sofas are an essential part of furniture that can be found in not only drawing rooms for accommodating the guest but also in the living room where you can fit in with your friends for a movie night or in your bedroom where you can sit up straight with your legs stretched when you have to work. But as years pass by, the sofas become sunken and to be more precise, sad, as they get pretty much worn out. For the sunken sofas, you can remove old stuffing of the sofas and fill it in with new material. If your sofa has wooden legs and has the same old boring brown color, then you can paint with a bright color to give it a country flair and an elegant look. To upgrade the sofa with a good frame, all you need to do is add a few throw pillows and give the cushions an update by adding new slipcovers on them. To make it look trendy, you can use table cloth with cheques to make the slipcovers. Velvet sofas can be repaired with fresh velvet covers and be retorted from an old sofa to a showpiece. If you have children in your house, then there is a high chance that your child might have scrolled with markers on the sofa and we all know how difficult it can be to remove, so instead of washing and dry cleaning, you can recover it with printed fabric.

4. Throw pillows

The easiest way to add color to your furniture is to add in some pillows to it, like on sofas and the floor. The most popular pillows these days are throw pillows. Choose some pillows of the same shade or in complementary shades. Arrange them in a way that as you move towards the inside of the sofa, the pillows should get smaller to give a depth effect. Although the pillows are decorative, their real purpose is to add comfort to your furniture pieces do not go over the board by filling in the sofa with too many pillows that you would feel like you are being shoved into a packet of marshmallows.

5. Hammocks and chairs

When it comes to furniture, chairs are an important and essential part of seating as it is needed it every part of the house from beside the study table or near the kitchen counter. However, with time, these chairs can get worn out and give your room a shabby look. To overcome this, you can get your chairs painted with colors according to the theme of your room. Another thing that is trending these days is hammocks. Hammock chairs can turn an extra room of your house into a relaxing retreat. Since you’ll be using an extra room, you do not have to worry about space being filled up. It can also give an aesthetic touch up to your furniture by using it for Scandinavian décor by using crocheted rope hammocks. Hammocks give your boring furniture a vacation vibe and a treat for creating a relaxing mood.

6. Soft mats and rugs

If you are not willing to spend money on buying new furniture, then all you have to do is grab some mats and rugs from the market to add a colorful vision to your old furniture. You can use to define areas like sitting and dining areas and use different sized rugs to create a sense of variety. Always prefer creating harmony by using rugs that complement each other rather than an unpleasant effect. You can use rugs to visually uplift or balance the tone of the room and furniture. If the room paint or wallpaper has vibrant colors, then use a rug that is more subtle with dim colors. In contrast, if the wall is painted with soft colors than use different colorful rugs.

7. Patio umbrellas

Whoever you hear the word umbrella, the idea of either heavy rain or scorching heat strikes your mind, but the concept is now old because umbrellas are also being used in other things too, besides using them as a shade. You would have definitely seen a tiny cute umbrella on your slushy when you order one at a restaurant, but not only that but umbrellas are now being used for upgrading furniture too. Patio umbrellas can be used in your yards or gardens to provide an overhead. Here it not only provides shade, but its vibrant colors and all sort of patterns add color to your all green boring yard. You can set them up with a patio table so you can you enjoy or tea or coffee, whatever you like, out in the light even if the sun is up. Patio umbrellas are not considered as a major furniture item, but due to the look it creates, we will definitely not mind adding it to our backyard or near the poolside where we can relax in an armchair with a colorful patio umbrella over the top.

8. Tables

Now we all know how important of a furniture item tables are as they come handy in every corner of the house. Want to lay down your lunch? There is a table. Want to study and keep a lamp by your side? Table, again. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, tables are everywhere. That is why changing the style and design of the tables in your house would give a whole new look to the furniture in your house. You can either get new tables from the market if the tables in your house are in a terrible condition. Foldable tables are the new thing these days as they are convenient to set up and carry around in the house. Or if the present tables are in fine conditions, all they need is a new color which can be done by either polishing it, if it wood or painting it with trendy colors.

9. Washi tapes

Some years ago, if you told someone that you upgraded your house just by using tape, they would think you are crazy. But now they won’t as everyone knows about washi tapes that are found everywhere in the market. If you do not know about washi tapes, then you are missing on something really cool. Washi tapes are tough material tapes that come in all colors, designs, and patterns. They are multipurpose hence you can use them anywhere you like to. All you have to do is choose your favorite patterned washi tape, get it in bulk and start adding color to your furniture straight away. You can use it to make a different design on your tedious wardrobe, make your book racks unique and whatnot.

10. Decoupaging

If you haven’t heard the term before, decoupaging is simply the process of cutting out pictures, sticking them to an object and then covering the object with a coat of varnish. Here, when it comes to furniture, you can decoupage lamps, tables and anything you like. It allows you to express your creativity and personalize your furniture to get a unique feel. You can use cut-outs from wrapping papers, fabric, paper napkins, origami papers. If you are willing to make it on point, then there are special decoupage papers available that are basically pictures specially chosen for this art and are available in a wide range of designs. Finally, once you have added your desired tinge to your furniture, you can use decoupage glue, PVA glue (permanent type. or spray glue to finish it.

11. Chaise lounge chairs

Chaise lounge chairs remind us of relaxing by the poolside, stretching our legs with a glass of orange juice in our hand. But they can also be used to add hues to your furniture and not only that but also work into our seating arrangement too. For instance, you can create an asymmetrical arrangement of two chairs, a sofa, a small table, and a chaise lounge chair in the opposite corner. You can use it in the parts of your house where you want to add a French touch and can be made elegantly extra by throwing in a few cushions of contrasting colors.

12. The easiest of all – paint

If you do not put in all a lot effort and think that you are not one creative person who could come with great ideas to upgrade furniture then all you need to do is to get buckets of paint -that’s it! Make sure you choose subtle colors and not too ‘out of the box’ colors like pink or purple as they might look fine on the walls but would look strange on furniture.

So gather up your stuff right now and get right into turning your shabby furniture into colorful and exotic new furniture.

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