The colours that surround us play a huge rule in our moods. Latest trends suggest that there is a dire need to focus on the colours that will elevate our moods. Colours affect us at a sub-conscious level and the study of this science is known as ‘Colour psychology’. This psychology of colour is based mainly on the physiological and emotional effects colours have on people and how it affects their moods.

Interior design trends for 2019 do not only focus on the aesthetic aspect but also focus on the psychological affects that living spaces have on the home-dwellers. Colour seems to be one of the main focuses of the upcoming years trends and we have listed the top 16 colours that are going to rock 2019s home décor scene.

1. Fiesta

It is a festive orange red colour. Red, when used in interior design is a powerful colour as it has the longest wavelength. Physiologically, it stimulates and raises the pulse rate, making it seem like time is passing faster than it actually is. It can activate the “fight or flight” instinct and sensuality as well as it is a stimulating colour. Using fiesta and similar shades of red stimulates the mind and invokes sensuality so it is recommended for master bedrooms.


2. Jester Red

Another one of the shades that belong to the red wavelength is the jester red. It adds depth and intensity to minimalist bedrooms and dining areas. In interior design, it is usually considered at a prime for a room to have one element of jester red. You can have a wall, a curtain, or a lamp that is of this colour to throw some sensuality into the room.


3. Pink Peacock



This is one of the colours that are opted in home decors to promote love, sexuality and femininity in a living space. It is often opted as the colour of choice for soothing places like nursing homes and baby-sitters. As it has a tint of red, it affects us physically but instead of stimulating, it soothes the mind. However too much of pink in a room can be physically draining 

4. Pressed Rose

Pressed rose is a pale pinkish colour that fills the room  with an aura of romance and sentimentality. It generally is used to decorate baby girls’ rooms as it represents the feminine feelings. It is said to be nurturing and physically soothing. Most interior designers are said to choose this color when they want to portray feelings of love, care and affection. However, excess of the colour can prove to be emasculating as well.


5. Turmeric

Belonging to the yellow red wavelength, turmeric is a vibrant colour that infuses a hint of pungency into the decor. It is a colour that promotes emotional state and is known to be a stimulus for emotional extraversion. It brings a sense of confidence and optimism into the room where it is implemented. However, in patients of depression and anxiety, it is contraindicated as it fosters feelings of emotional fragility and suicide.

6. Lemon Verbena

A bright yellow, this colour gives a feeling of being light and sunny. This is why it is the colour of choice by most interior designers in their blogs when they are decorating small and dark rooms. It gives off a feeling of optimism and boosted self-esteem. Yellow has a relatively long wavelength and thus it stimulates emotional tendencies. This can be a refreshing experience but for patients who suffer from mental illnesses, it can trigger suicide and anxiety. 

7. Mango Mojito

A golden yellow colour that hints of orange, mango mojito gives the room a sense of physical comfort and food, which is why it is opted as the colour of preference by restaurants and eateries. It has a stimulating effect on the people who see it and it is said to be a colour that promote happiness. Negatively, too much of the colour can promote frivolity and a lack of intellectual values


8. Living Coral


This colour is a mixture of red with golden or yellow undertones, which is why it has the element of both of these colours. When coral is used in a living space, it is done with caution; as too much of it can create an emotional imbalance that will cause anxiety in the home-dweller. When used in lighter hues, it gives a sense of stimulation and gives life to the room.


10. Pepper Stem

This is a yellow green colour that is close to nature. Incorporating green into décor is opted by most décor artists as it promotes feelings of harmony, peace, balance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, and peace. Green is found in the centre of the spectrum, thus making it a colour of balance. However, excessing use of the colour indicates stagnation and, can be perceived as being too bland.

11. Terrarium Moss

Belonging to a darker shade of green and brown, terrarium moss is seen to conjure up thoughts of nature and natural beauty. It is the very colour of moss, which is why home decorators choose it for living rooms and dining halls. It is an intense colour that promotes optimism but this balance can be overthrown if the colour is used in abundance to give birth to anger, and frustration.

12. Princess Blue

Princess blue is a royal blue colour that can be the centre of attention of any living space if used with the correct lighting. It is soothing to the mine and it makes the thought process more vivid and clear. Objects that are blue in décor, appear to be farther away than they actually are – which makes it the colour of choice in décor that aims to give a sense of a vast space.  However, if not used correctly, it can be perceived as cold, unemotional and unfriendly.

What hues will 2019 bring?

2019 will bring to the decor palette these colours along with many more. Interior decorators of the future aim to not only please the eyes but the soul as well. This makes sure that the decorators of 2019 will make sure that they take care of the mental health of their clients along with making their homes beautiful.

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