Our living spaces are an extension of our personal style. As humans, we tend to get bored with the same monotonous décor of our homes so it is best for you to redecorate at least once a year.  It can be hard and expensive on the pocket to keep up with the latest decor trends. Give your home a new look without breaking the bank; with our budget friendly home improvement tips. Unbelievable as it may seem, sometimes the simplest solutions tend to cast the biggest impact in transforming your homes without emptying your pockets. Here are 16 tips that are bound to revamp your home without causing much harm to your finances.


It does not cost a penny to reassess the current state of your living spaces and put some thought into improving it. Move a few elements around and remove the ones you have not used for a while. Minimalism is the key to a great place and looking at your rooms with a fresh approach encourages you to get rid of worn articles of the decor that only clutter up the living space. If you have not used it for more than a year, it has to go. Relocate furniture from one room to another or donate them to charity or sell them on eBay to get rid of items that have gathered dust over the years.


2. Thrift around.

Ask around your family and friends if they have anything lying around that they would like to give away to you. You may not realize this but vintage second hand pieces you can breathe a new life into your home. Don’t hold back and consider all offers critically, especially if you are dealing with furniture that is sturdy and well made, try to incorporate it in your home. If you have no family or friends who can give-away their home items to you, then you can also get home items off the thrift store.

3. Become a rug maker.

Rugs and carpets are usually the priciest buy when it comes to home décor. If you wish to save money yet make your home cozy with huge rugs then opt for buying smaller ones and sew them together to make a bigger rug. Buying smaller versions of a rug you like costs way less than the bigger one and you can also adjust the size as per you living space. Another thing that you can do is that you can go to the carpet store an ask to see the remnants can be scavenged and get to work to create your own masterpiece collage carpet.


4. DIY wall art.

Make your own DIY wall art instead of opting for expensive wall hangings and frames. You can put up an old carpet or  turn an old mirror into a wall hanging. If you are artsy, put your creative skills to use to create a beautiful wall mural. You can also stick up items like CDs, newspaper, pencils, crayons and metallic stars to make your walls look beautiful. You do not always need to splurge on  framed art when you wish to decorate your home on a budget.

5. Decorate the fifth Wall

We tend to forget our ceilings. They can be utilized as another form of canvas when redecorating your home. You can paint the ceiling, maybe put up some inexpensive LED lights that will glimmer at night or install a fun rotatory light fixture that will light up your room. Having a beautiful ceiling can make your home look much brighter and lively in contrast to plain Jane ceilings.

Looking at images and vivid artistry on ceilings is known to have relaxing effects on the human mind and this is why its recommended to paint your ceiling with your murals of choice.

6. Work on the lighting

There is no point of a spectacular home if you are unable to see it and lighting is a cost-effective way to transform dark, gloomy rooms into bright spaces. Try to let in natural light as much as possible. However, for the nights you can update an old lamp by adding in a new lampshade; maybe some spray paint or acrylic paint to give life to the old lights. You can also make DIY lamps and light fixtures to throw some light into your living space.

7. Brighten up windows.


Update your windows to make sure that you are letting in enough natural light as natural lights lmake décor look beautiful and have a great impact on our health. A roller blind is a great option as it costs little but has a great impact on letting in natural light at daytime and can be rolled down at night.  Whether you opt for a flowery pattern or an abstract, your living spaces will be brightened up by the new blinds. You can also buy plain ones and paint them with acrylic or glass paints.



8. Sheets make lovely curtains.

You are bound to have many extra white bedding sheets lying around the house. Why don’t you bring them to use by turning them into gorgeous white curtains? White sheets create an airy effect in the room and make the room look larger and much fresh than it actually is. You can not only save money but convert a stuffy old room into a sunny living space.

9. Build a headboard.

Save yourself some bucks by building a headboard instead of buying an expensive one off the market. There are many headboard building DIY’s on the internet that you can bring to use. Headboards are known to be an amalgam of form and function and you can create them out of any material, including hardwood, acrylic and fabric panels. These headboards help create a dramatic focal point in your bedroom by grounding the space and setting the tone for the entire decor.

10. Double up duties.

To maintain the meticulous balance of budget and space, learn to multi-task with your furniture. You can use your storage trunk as a coffee table, and double over your sofa as a bed. If you have guests coming over and do not have extra beds for them, invest into a sofa bed so that it can be used as a sofa when they are gone. Think; it costs nothing to think but it helps you save huge bucks. You can use old tins as flower vases and used Nutella jars to store your spices. Use old shoes boxes as containers to house your makeup, jewelry and other items. Think small, be more with less; that’s the key!


Saving money while following trends and maintaining a classy style is one of the most challenging things that you will do. However, if you think smart instead of thinking big, you are bound to achieve your goals without any hindrances. Make little choices that will cast a huge impact, think before you throw, opt for small retails stores like Chinatown instead of going to big retailers. If you think smart, you can make your home look spectacular on a budget. Good luck!

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