Look around your bedroom. What do you see? What are you thinking? Well, when most of us look around our living spaces, we tend to think “It’s quite good, but it just lacks an element of… fun!,”

This post aims to help you out if that is exactly the thought that crosses your mind when you think about the state of your bedroom. We do agree that everything looks nice the way it is, but the same décor for a long period of time tends to get monotonous and that is the time when you need to figure out a few ways  to add in quirky elements into the space—and here are 10 such ways too sprinkle fun into your bedrooms:

A bedroom with just one overhead light looks more than just horrible. It not only gives off vibes of a monotonous institution but also makes the furniture look drably. Lights need to have an adjustable brightness or dimness; this allows for a change of ambience and a practical feasibility to adjust the lights as the day progresses. Lighting can change the look and feel or a room considerably. You can opt for a  dimmer or lighting several fixtures overhead and around the room. Remember, you are nobody to say no to a bedroom chandelier.


2. Create a theme and add little accessories.


Most of us do not follow a certain theme when it comes to bedrooms. Find the theme that best suits your style and start to bring in fun elements into it. Following a theme helps shop and decorate the room to more fun filled elements. If your room has midcentury vibe, try and find something from that certain era that fits the theme.  Black and white bedroom themes are quite trending these days. However, make sure that it is a fun item like a princess phone or a phonogram— items that serve their purpose only as decorative items today.


3. Curtain it up.

Décor rules say that a room is never completely furnished until you address your window’s dressing status. If your room is small, stuffy and gloomy, you can opt for translucent sheer curtains that will let the light in and add in a fun element. Moreover, you can make DIY curtains out of beads and metallic stars. Another thing that you can do to spice up your windows is by opting to buy new blinds that you can paint with acrylic paint.

4. Play with textures.

When decorating your room for fun, do not forget that you have to thin k about more than just the texture of the pillows. You have to be mindful of all the textures that are found throughout the rest of your bedroom. The secret to a Pinterest perfect home is to make sure that there are many different kinds of textures involved in the room. The more textures you will incorporate, the more depth and intensity will be felt.

5. Throw around pillows and cushions.


The recommended number of pillows that need to be present on a bed  is usually between two to six, it usually depends on the size of your bed. You also need to invest into some colourful throw pillows, floor cushions and rugs to make sure that your bedroom looks cozy and fun. Do not over-do it to the point where one has to waddle through mounds of pillows to get to the other side. Moderation is the key to a perfect bedroom when it comes to minimalistic styles of modern bedroom design.


6. Head your headboards.

One of the most dominating features of our bedrooms is our headboard. If you need to break the monotony of your bedroom, the headboard has to go. Your headboard does not have to be high end wood that would cost you a million dollars, you can make your own DIY headboard using many textures. Moreover, the use of designed curtains as a headboard allows you to update your room in accordance to each season.


7. Add in artwork!



If you possess some artistic skills then you can kill the boredom of your room by using pieces of your own art. There is nothing that makes you feel empowered than the feeling of displaying what you have created yourself. However, be careful not to go overboard with the art that you will put up in your bedroom. As a rule of the thumb, you are to pick one piece that speaks to you and also makes a statement by displaying it. Incorporating art into home décor and interiors has always been a very fruitful combination.

8. Mirror mirror on the wall.

Mirrors are said to be a pretty magical design element that has been used by interior decorators for years now. They add the fun element onto the room by installing lights to make the atmosphere seem lightened up. mirrors can help to make any space feel larger, brighter, and much more unique. You can also opt for a mirror that comes in with little LED lights or bulbs around its periphery. This is called an illuminated mirror and is known to provide the best fun element to a dull home.

9. Cozy seating area.

If your bedroom is lacking a little corner that can be used as a cozy seating area then turn it into a thinking spot. Throw around a few beanbags and some fluffy carpets that you can lie around on. This can be known as the de-stressing spot of the bedroom. Put your favourite books there, choose a theme that relaxes you. Use that part of the bedroom to read a book, listen to some music or have a chat over a cup of tea with your partner.

10. A personalized nightstand.

All bedrooms have a nightstand with all the necessities, but to spice up the fun; you can use it to showcase your personality. If you are a lover of nature then add in a flower vase that you can fill with freshly snipped flowers every day. If you are a vintage lover then make sure you put the good old alarm clock beside your bed with your favourite dog-eared book.

The idea about all this fun stuff is to keep on leash your urges to make  every item a “fun” item. Too much of the fun element can kill the coziness of your home; turning it into a carnival funhouse. Turning every item into a fun item kills the charm of the fun items and they all start to seem the same. Monotony returns, which seems to pull your home back into an even gloomier state than before. One of the main reason that the ‘fun’ pieces get to stand out and shine is because they are not in competition with all the other items in the room for attention. Moderation is the key!

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