Inspired by remarkable prints and patterns of the nature, Cavalli is a brand that has a distinctive style of its own.  The new collection consists of the classic tones of grey and  and beige; combined with the season’s signature colour; citron green hue. The new style consists of the banana leaf motif, merging with animal patterns of lynx and zebra. The metallic decorative elements are chosen in a natural style, by  embellishing dressers, lamps, and coffee tables.

The new collection also brings to life the astonishing accents of gold and marble, giving a lavish contrast to an interior space.

Sparkling shades of citron  green give life to the furniture of the Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors collection. It gives off an aura of a a tropical, lush proposal revisited in a glam-chic gold. The new banana leaf print and the animalier patterns, create a  naturalistic-inspired  handles and decorative elements of metals. 

The chic seventies look a is replicated by the use of plexiglass and patent leather. This is found to be creating a  glamourous yet sultry  amalgam that perfectly displays the spirit of the brand Roberto Cavalli.  

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