Children’s rooms should be full of life, with bold themes, colors, and decor. To pull this off you don’t need to spend tons of effort and money, you just need the right wallpapers. Following are 20 engaging cartoon themed wallpapers from different categories that you can use to design a fascinating bedroom for your little one.

Disney Themes

1. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, a Walt Disney cartoon movie from the 1980’s is a cherished classic which is sure to bring about the most nostalgic feels. This children’s décor theme can be used in nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, etc. and the wallpaper style can be presented in different combinations. Any scene from the movie can be used as the wallpaper or, a patterned wallpaper can be created using the different characters from the movie. You can use mermaid themed décor to add to the mystical effect. Whatever the case, the adorable Flounder and Sebastian can transform any children’s room into a wondrous space.  

2. Aladdin

The Aladdin cartoon movie theme can turn children’s rooms into a magical wonderland, making it fun and enjoyable for them to spend time there. The movie is a classic loved by many children and the theme would look great when combined with Arabic or Moroccan style décor. Different color combinations such as blue, beige, and shades of brown can give an amazing traditional feel. If you are looking for a way to add a traditional effect to your child’s room along with making it fun and playful, the Aladdin theme will definitely work. No more boring, dull bedrooms for the kids!

3. Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is an all-time favorite children’s movie with some of our favorite characters Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and Ka all contributing to the delightful story. Jungle Book wallpaper for your kids’ room will give a unique, friendly, and fun touch. The wallpaper can be made from enlarging any interesting scene from the movie and to get more creative, you can create repetitive patterns using jungle elements and movie characters. Pair it up with jungle theme décor such as natural wood furniture and decorative plants, and you will have a fun and memorable space for your kids!

4. Tangled

A Tangled movie themed bedroom would be any little girl’s dream come true. The beautiful animated scenes from this Disney motion picture can be brought to life by adding Tangled wallpaper with matching bedroom décor. The most iconic scene from the movie is the floating lanterns above the castle, which can create an amazing aesthetic effect. The animated characters such as Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and the adorable Pascal can also be included in the wallpaper by adding their famous scenes from the movie. To make your kids room even more special, you can pair the Tangled wallpaper with Tangled themed wall hanging and props.

PBS Kids Themes

5. Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales is a delightful and all-around adored PBS cartoon series from the 90’s. The cartoon characters such as Max, Emmy, Ord, Cassie, Zak, and many more can be a great addition to your kids’ room. The endearing dragon characters can be used to create a fun and unique dragon themed bedroom, with some magical dragon centered décor such as dragon wall decal and stuffed toys. You can create wallpaper styles mimicking settings from the show such as the children’s play room, or the dragon’s cave house. You can add décor and props into the theme such as dragon pillows, scaly textures, and dragon themed books.

6. Sesame Street

Sesame Street wallpaper is a great way to add fun into your child’s living space. The show is universally loved amongst children and its bright and enjoyable color theme can add life to any room. The wallpaper design can consist of a pattern of all the sesame street character’s faces, or it can be a life-sized portrait of your kid’s favorite character or characters. Elmo is a favorite of a lot of children and if your child loves Elmo too, you can easily make the bedroom an entertaining place for him or her by adding a patterned Elmo wallpaper along with matching Sesame Street décor.

7. Teletubbies

Teletubbies is widely popular among babies and children and a themed wallpaper is sure to create a bright colorful children’s room. The main characters of the TV show are colorful and joyous and will give the entire room an uplifting mood, perfect for keeping your kids happy and content within their surroundings. The scenes from Teletubbies would make a great wallpaper for the room and stickers of the different characters can also be used on the walls, or anywhere else. Matching bedroom décor for the Teletubbies wallpaper will create an overall fun mood and you can customize according to your kids’ favorite character.

8. Clifford

Clifford is an adorable, big red dog and the favorite cartoon of many children. Clifford based wallpaper can be used in the bedroom to add a pop of red color and introduce a simple yet fun theme. Clifford wallpaper can be of the dog himself or perhaps some of the best scenes from the cartoon. You can pair the designed wallpaper with some red themed furniture and décor. Clifford the big red dog is sure to bring any kids room to life and if your little one is a dog fan this themed wallpaper is the right choice for you.

Cartoon Network Themes

9. Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff girl characters are loved by little girls and boys and can be a great addition to bedrooms. The bright Powerpuff girls’ colors which are red, green, and blue will make the room stand out and create a fun overall look. The wallpaper design can use one or all of the three Powerpuff characters and if your child likes the Rowdyruff boys’ characters instead, they can be used too. The Power puff theme wallpaper can also be a scene from the famous Professor Utonium’s laboratory or from a happening fight scene between the girls and their nemesis, Mojo jojo. You can use pink and blue decoration scheming to add to the entire theme.

10. Dexter’s Lab

A Dexter’s Laboratory bedroom can be for kids of all ages, given that the cartoon network TV series has gained popularity among so many different age groups. A Dexter’s Lab themed wallpaper can be used with additional science-based décor items to give an overall feel of a laboratory environment. The wallpaper can include scenes from the show of Dexter and his sister Deedee in the laboratory, or in their home. A science patterned wallpaper can also be added which shows Dexter’s famous lab equipment and tools. For the science-lovers, this bedroom theme is perfect.

11. Ben 10

Ben 10 is nearly every little boy’s favorite cartoon and incorporating it into their living space would be a wonderful idea. The Ben 10 décor wallpaper can consist of the main characters including Ben himself, Gwen, or even Grandpa. The cartoon characters will add a unique but fun alien like feel to the bedroom, and you can combine the wallpaper with green, blue, and orange colored décor to complete the look. The Ben 10 wallpaper can portray the different creatures that Ben can turn into, as well, and you can add stuffed toys and Ben 10 bedsheets matching the wallpaper.

12. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a cartoon network classic which includes a cute little purple colored dog, his old caretakers, and a variety of spooky creatures in each episode. The Courage theme can use a patterned purple wallpaper of the dog character along with Muriel and Eustace. This theme can be paired with simple but chic furniture and purple hued decoration items. Stuffed toys, pillows, and bedsheets of Courage can also be added for a finished look of the cartoon. Any Courage show lover, or even dog lover, would be delighted by this themed bedroom!

Warner Bros Themes

13. Looney Tunes

The Warner Bro’s Looney Tunes cartoon is one of the most well-known and loved of all time. Children enjoy watching the silly and energetic Looney Tunes characters and displaying those characters will surely bring a smile to their faces. The wallpaper for a Looney Tunes bedroom can consist of any happening scene from the cartoon or can be a pattern including one or many of all the characters. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, and all the Looney Tunes characters have their own personalities and can add fun to any kids’ room.

14. Storks

The Storks theme is perfect for a nursery or even kids’ bedrooms. The 2016 Warner Bros movie is a modern and enjoyable way to add animation and fun into a children’s space. The Storks wallpaper can be of the main characters or it can show a funny and interesting scene from the movie. The entire movie consists of great animations and scenery that can be used as wallpaper as well, and if you want to get creative, you can create patterned wallpaper of birds or even cartoon babies from the movie. The wallpaper can be combined with blue and white minimal décor to create a simple and light vibe.

15. Happy Feet

Happy Feet wallpaper can be a vibrant and fun addition to your kid’s room, and it can be paired with a multitude of other décor items. The Happy Feet vibe uses icy colors such as blue, mint, and white and if you’re going for a minimal but fresh look, this movie theme will be a perfect fit. The Happy Feet wallpaper can have a bunch of penguins from the movie and you can add different wall decals. Happy Feet pillows, bed-sheets, or toys can be added to the entire bedroom look as well. The themed wallpaper is perfect for penguin, or even animal loving kids.

16. Tom and Jerry

This cartoon is familiar to almost every child and adult, with the characters and their brilliant personalities known universally. Tom and Jerry themed wallpaper will make your kid’s room entertaining and create a nostalgic and merry vibe. A pattern of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse can be created for the wallpaper, or an enlarged Tom and Jerry duo can be displayed. A typical Tom and Jerry cartoon setting can also be used in the wallpaper and be combined with simple but bold colored decoration items or Tom and Jerry props. Tom and Jerry themed bed-sheets, throw pillows, and rugs are a popular addition with the entire theme.

Nickelodeon Themes

17. SpongeBob

Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants bedroom theme can give a bold and entertaining feel to your child’s room. The SpongeBob underwater settings can be used as wallpaper to make the room seem like a scene right out of the ocean. For water and sea-creature lovers, this wallpaper theme works great. A pattern of sea-creatures from the show such as Patrick, Mr. Crabs, Squidward, Sandy, and the main character SpongeBob can be displayed. You can also use any of your child’s favorite SpongeBob character and apply it to the entire theme. SpongeBob bedsheets and character pillows will make a great addition to the room.

18. Rugrats

The Rugrats TV show wallpaper can be added to a nursery or kid’s bedroom to give off an adorable and simplistic child-like vibe. The Rugrats characters can be used in the wallpaper and patterns of the different iconic items from the show, such as the Raptor stuffed toy can be included as well. The entire Rugrats theme can use different elements such as Rugrats toys, bedsheets, and wall-décor. The Rugrats theme uses light and pastel-like colors which can create a beautiful and unique effect in a kid’s room. For those preferring simple but chic styles, the Rugrats wallpaper theme is the way to go.

19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the favorite of many boys and is perfect to use in your little boy’s bedroom. The wallpaper can be made simple or happening according to your preferences. A simple style wallpaper consists of city skyline silhouette art which is well-recognized by all TMNT lovers. Another wallpaper style can include the four main characters which can bring the room to life and give action packed vibes. The TMNT room theme can be completed by adding bedsheets, pillows, posters, and rugs or you can simply combine the wallpaper with green, black, and earthly hues for a toned-down look.

20. Fairly Odd Parents

The Fairly Odd Parents is a bizarre but fun show which centers around the concepts of fairy godparents and magic. If your kid loves this show, or if he or she is intrigued by funny and magical things, a Fairly Odd Parents wallpaper can definitely be used in their bedroom. The show’s characters such as Timmy and the two silly fairy godparents can be used in the wallpaper or a pattern of magical fairy themed items such as a wand or wings can be created too. Whatever the case, this wallpaper theme is sure to create an amazing fantasy-like vibe in your child’s space.

We’ve seen some bold and unique wallpaper themes to make your kids rooms fun and captivating. Each cartoon theme can be used in imaginative ways and is sure to keep your child happy and content in his or her room.

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