Terry’s Fabrics carrie dout a a study to find out how satisfied 1,000 of UK’s homeowners = were with their properties. Woodchip, Artex walls, carpeted bathrooms, statement walls and Quote Decals came out on top as the biggest interior design bug bares when moving into a new home.

The study also found that a third aren’t just as happy with their homes, with more than a quarter saying it would cost £20,000 to transform the space into their dream property. Some 10 per cent even go so far as to say it would be impossible to turn the house they have bought into the ideal home.

Additionally, two years is the average time it takes for a new buyer to feel settled once moving day is over.

Surprisingly, the room they wish they could overhaul the most is the kitchen. They believe thats  that’s most in need of change, followed by the master bedroom and the dining room.

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