Christmas is undoubtly the most wonderful time of the year. While people are indulging in gift buying, party attending, and food preparing, they still have their focus on transforming their homes into a winter Christmas wonderland. Our interior experts will help you to style the perfect Christmas house, with the ornament lit dining table,  a festive jingle lounge and the main ornamental touches on your Christmas tree. Here are some trending Christmas decorating ideas that are sure to light up your Christmas

Christmas lights

Christmas season is all about the lights that make our guests feel special and warm our hearts during the cold Christmas holidays. Apart from adding lights to the Christmas tree, you can add lights to other spots in your house to decorate it for the Christmas.  Nothing beats the nostalgic love that is found in exchanging gifts and enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner, under a fairy light lit Christmas tree.

Display presents

There is no need to hide away those wonderful presents you’ve bought for everyone. They can be part of your Christmas décor for this year when you put  them under your decorated Christmas tree before the big day.  This gesture will spread out your living space with loads of love and a lot of curiosity from the little ones.  All the members of your family will be reminded of how much you love them, every day. However, be careful that they don’t open them until the Christmas day.

Keep the festivity alive

This Christmas display the festive twist by adding ornaments around the house including gold ribbons, pines, fake berries, red bows, stockings, and silver baubles. This is quite an easy feat but can make your  home look spectacular. You can also opt for hanging mistletoes and rustic wintry hangings around the house.

Staircases and Windows

A Christmas-themed home décor does not mean just decorating  the Christmas tree but much more than that. You must pay keen attention to the small details because they are the ones that make a big difference. Decorate your staircases; put up ornaments on window ledges and staircases. Spin around a few yards of mistletoe or pine decorative lines or even better, fairy lights around your staircase railings. Think about decorating the windows with fairy lights as well so when night falls, your Christmas is indeed glittering!

Throw pillow sand cushions

Christmas dinner all around the world is thought to be a  comforting affair. It is made even cosier with some fluffy throw pillows and cushions around the place. While opening presents, most of the families gather around the Christmas tree, typically sitting on the ground. Having some fluffy pillows will make the experience worth the while. Throw pillows have the amazing power to make living spaces feel more welcoming, so make sure you incorporate them in your Christmas themes. Fill your sofas and floor with them and enjoy every moment  of Christmas spent in your home with your close loved ones.

DIY it!

As December nears, most of us are always looking for fun and thrifty ways to update the home with the essence of Christmas. A great idea would be to make home-made DIY Christmas ornaments. You can also decorate some old stockings into fun-filled ones for Santa. Another great idea is to  get old branches and adorned them with fairy lights and decorations. This looks quite classy in dining areas and living rooms. .

Set the table

Add colours and scents of Christmas on the dining table. The Christmas dinner is a main affair of the eve and make sure that your dining table is prepped and ready for it.  You can put up a few scented candles and lamps for an added ambiance to the room. This added fragrance and colour gives the guests an inviting and welcoming feeling.

For the table cloth, your theme and colour palette, should focus on elegant and rustic hues; made up of whites, creams, browns, metallics,  and greens. Ivory candles and gold lanterns looks classy by adding a twinkling glow. You can place a bowl filled with water with some floating candles as a centre piece in the centre of the table, around the candles. You can also ass in some beautiful freshly plucked flowers to a vase in the middle of the table. 

The mantelpiece

Do not forget decorating the mantelpiece, that’s where Santa comes to give the children the presents! This central spot in the house must be decorated well  for Christmas! Get  many fresh pines, garden foliage, scented candles, wreaths and Christmas bells as the  decorative items to style on the mantelpiece. You can also add in some stockings over the edge with some sticky tape to complete the look.

Hang some candy up

Children love Christmas. This is why it is a magnificent idea to hang up some candy bars on the Christmas tree. You can also put some bowls full of candy around the house so children can enjoy the treats they have to offer. Remember, Christmas is all about giving, loving, sharing and caring.

Spice up your Christmas tree

 You do not need to go by conventional green Christmas trees. If you like, you can have your Christmas tree just the way you want, it can be blue, green or even pink! If you are allergic to trees or worry that your real tree will die soon, you can get an artificial one, and the good news is, they last for a really long time! Who know? You can even keep it up till next Christmas! Christmas is all about the love and the essence of giving joy to one another. How is not what matters, when you wish to be happy.

The extravagance and merriment of Christmas never needs justification! You can do as you wish to make you and your loved ones feel the spirit of this holiday. This is the biggest holiday in the year for people all over the world and it invites with open hands; joy and cheer all around.

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