The little nests of your house can be beautiful imaginative places for little one’s who just want their world to be a fantasy. But some grown ups too who are now into some fashion decency in this modernizing world. Still you want your heart out in their living places and that’s how you show your utmost love. Some ideas to give your kids comfortable residing places.

1. Blue's hues

You’ll never go wrong with these amazing shades for your kids. Blues define the deepest colour of nature and known to relax the minds. You can paint up your little one’s chambers in to these funky yet graceful shades.

2. Unicorn

They’ll love it! The little dreamers having their own world and the wildest fantasies will definitely be mesmerized by these cute colors baby pink, passion purple, sunny yellows and some add on of peacock shades like lime green and basic blue.

3. Starry nights

Twinkling of these stars in your toddlers very own little sky will be the starters to their dreams before sleep. Glow in the dark stickers for that nighty feeling are essentials for these kids room, they’ll always be excited about their star gaze time at night.

4.My princess

Want something special for your princesses? Go for pink! The pink themed bedrooms for little girls are their dream come true, with those glittery props and and light pink shades they’ll have their own fantasy world in their very own bedrooms.

5. Memories

Don’t let your kid forget any of those beautiful memories you’ve created. Make a lovely picture corner in a small part of his living area so that he would cherish all the fun moments. Can even a serve an educational purpose if a map is there so the kid knows his geography.

6. My boo

The kids bedroom will never have enough toys, yes we all know that! So, for those playing freaks flood that little room with themed toys for every corner, which will always be attractive and those playful little ones will never mess your living room again.

7. Candy colors

The in trend pastels are a treat for eyes. These candy like colors will make your kids bedroom a lot more attractive for the season. This can be paired with the framed  quotes for the side walls and and cute 3D images of butterflies and flowers which will leave you with a colorful yet gracefully themed bedroom.

8. Little reader

A books corner is a must have for the kids bedroom. Make a little study having it all, a desk, chair and a lot of books! Add a framed picture on the desk and favourite stuff toy so he is never bored for the studying part of the day.

9. Basic colors

Monochroming for kids bedroom is also an option but obviously with some funky add ons. Just paint it all white and add a little textures with red and black, then flood it up with all the fruity colors in cushions for the floor, chairs, bed and and some chair throws paired with rugs and monochrome curtains. There you go! Simple yet elegant.

10. Some chalk

Chalkboard paint is an amazing idea for the kids bedroom. Pair it up with some washi tape and It acts as a decoration and a place for a child to play around. He can always cover it up with his wild ideas. Low expense and a lot huge gain for the kids creativity.

11. Do it with letters

Our name initials are so special even for the kids, theme the room with his very special name initial for your kids bedroom on the main texture wall with the contrasting color to have it look like a dream room.

12. Wall peppering

Gotta love kids mini furniture. Add up the feature of miniature rocking chair and a foot rest and will give your  kids bedroom a cute mature look and pepper those side walls with his favourite mini image of a football or maybe their favourite birds mural that will complete the look of your kid’s room.

13. Light and dark

Contrasting the dark walls with plain white bedsheets for the very elegant look for your kid’s chamber and can be suitable choice for a long run. This simple look is exquisite and always in fashion.

14. Kid's geometry

Learning shapes will never be more fun for your kids just add some colors and shapes to his bedroom. Some edgy diamond and square shapes all segmented with two tone colour walls is a very interesting idea for the kids bedroom.

15. Share with fun

The shared rooms are so much fun for your little ones, just a little space with single beds would be a great idea and with parted walls differently themed for their different yet unique personalities along with simple furniture choices.

16. Your dreamy kid

Themed beds are perfect choice for a dreamy kid that you have! Sleeping on a car will be his utmost fantasy come true or your princess in a carriage themed bed. This will add a wow factor if you be creative to your kids bedroom.

17. Luxury love

Just leave on with those petty kids ideas, give your toddlers the luxury bedrooms with that fireplace and chandelier with a must have rustic brick wall paired with luxury bed which completes to be a classic look of this winter season.

18. Keep it simple

Want to keep it simple? Just add some striking color bedsheets with simple walls, enough for the kids heart to sunk in and a decency on it’s own level. Everyone will love this simple look.

19. Color it all

Kids always have a thing for colours in their bedroom decor, now just set it up with fairy lights, globe lights, mirror lights and some warm lamp lights. This lighty room will be a treat for eyes at night and a colorful morning experience.

20. Do it yourself

DIY ideas for  your kids bedroom is one way to show your affection for your on the way baby,  striping is the most easiest and simple way which will never get you wrong but just be car careful about the color contrast and there it is the perfect room for your new born.

21. Hang them

Bunk bed room will never look mainstream by adding this interesting idea of hanging bunk beds which you can set it up for your adventure loving boys and color scheming could also be boyish like navy blue and white with rusty wooden floor.

22. Bold

Bold colors for the shared kids bedroom decor are a thing orange and navy blue  which will match the energy of the kids in there just leave it simple for both the genders to enjoy and have their good times with a small wooden studying table for the two.

23. Minimalists

Kids love the modern minimalist décor rooms. Just add a little soft colors for the walls and some unique art pieces each telling a different story will be a peace place for your kid to reside and relax.

24. One tone

Keep that one tone going on, be it rusty orange shades or pretty pink palette just don’t go out of these hues and just see how these compliment the room with dark and light mesmerizing combo.

25. Fur lovers

Small infants bedrooms synonyms: cute and cuddly! Fur it is when you want to go for decorating an infants bedroom. Dark wooden cort with a fury white throw and and a miniature fur rug with plain white walls. That’s all, simple and cuddly.

26. Always a room for a change

Kids bedroom is an expression of who they are. Go for simplistic kids bedroom ideas for that the change over time will not be a complete turnover and the kids changing their minds so the ideas and likenesses may change quite frequently.

27. It's a twin thing

Decorating room for twin toddlers could be a daunting task. Just go easy with pairing make it a casual room with two single bedding and a personalized art for the main texture wall for each twin.

28. Shock the room

Bold furniture choices in the kids bedroom will add a striking factor like a shocking pinks or fiery reds are the hues for the minimal furniture in the room like a dressing table or a book shelf.

29. Toy thing

Arrangement of your kids most favourite stuff toys is very important this will be the factor adding life to the room. A shelf full of contemporary and vintage toys with some superheroes or  doll stuff toys in a long standing shelf.

30. Let me do it

Fun with colours is all that a kids bedroom needs. All of them are beautiful. Leave the walls white and for that one particular one let you little artist draw his imagination with paint now that’s a real “my room” factor for your kid.

31. Fabric details

It has to be a simple curtain draping old style bed with croche linens and all white with a crystal chandelier for a real princesses. Furniture choices have to be minimal to give it a real yet exquisite look.

32. Petite glam

Let your girl reside in a beautifully glammed living area with a queens sized bedding, long standing mirror and a mirror desktop sidetable with a small chandelier of warm lights and a her very own side way wardrobe with glass sliding doors.

33. Personalized fun

A young man’s room features a display of what he loves the most, including a signed snowboard and a skateboard and maybe a guitar next to his bed.

34. Vivid dreams

Combine vivid colors and graphical patterns to create a playful yet tailored look in a child’s room. A full printed old style vintage curtains with striking colors and some carpet art with these patterns.

35. Map it up

Geography is certainly a theme in adventurous kid’s bedroom. Pepper the wall with his favourite country’s maps and just go earthy tones like white blue and green, that’s a nature’s contrast so beautiful.

36. Evergreen

Polka dots! Be it the modern era or a striking 90’s polkas are always a favourite black and white or better make your own contrast for the bed linens and the curtains with a vintage chair in furniture having the two of the striking tones. Now that’s a real playful room.

37. Pillow talk

Never resist the urge to over pillow your kids bedroom. What you only want to do is just paint the lightest tones over the wall paired with a dusky painting and lots of cushions of the brown hues and bed linens could be white.

38. Cake colors

An artfully illustrated room for your kid is a creative choice. With a creamy base you can add up some vivid color beautiful paintings over the walls and keep the furniture and bedding simple.

39. Consider details

There is nothing more important than details in the kid’s bedroom. Focus on what interests your kid and place the furniture curtain and other small details accordingly. Floor pieces could are your kid’s play area so go for some ultra soft pieces.

40. Space it up

Go for lighter tones in small area. This will make your kid’s bedroom look spacious set up with a single bed and a chair and a cute little mini rug will complete the look of this small harry potter chamber for your kids room. 

41. Experiment with patterns

Add a visual interest in the room by playing with patterns. Hexagonal shaped rugs and curtains are hypnotizing combo mainly in the brights shades like red and navy blue. Giving the room a childish feel while you can also add up a feature of football here if your little one is a real football freak.

42. Teeny kids

Teenage kids rooms can be a bit tricky. Go for the decent classic shades like  wooden floors with plain white walls or some red brick feature wall with a queen size bed and plain linens.

43. Royal

If you tend to be more reserved for the color choices in your kid’s bedroom. Just step out of your comfort zone and choose royal shades for her. The duo of these vivid shades with some plain walls and linens are perfect for that royal look.

44. It's a canvas

Every wall is a canvas and for kid’s room it can used with quite interesting ideas. Set up those four walls each for your kids interest.

45. Theme it

Allowing unique items to dictate some design decisions can lead to unexpectedly beautiful results. The kid’s room could be super dramatic and likeable if themed to their favourite cartoons or movies.

46. New born's love

Decorating your first kid’s room? Everything has to be perfect! Just go easy on everything a new born’s nursery is always interesting with some light ceiling hangings and cute boy or themed colors and cushions with his/her initials.

47. Invite nature indoors

Add up a few nature elements to the kid’s bedroom. With a hint of indoor plants and and a large window which will allow the beautiful sunlight in at all time and the interior in contrast with nature.

48. Modern kids

If you love the idea of simple living and think to modernize your kid’s bedroom. The combo of dark and light will just do it.

49. Bouquet of colours

Want to make a variety of bright colours cohesive as top home interior stylists suggest?  Think about how you would arrange a flower bouquet. But you need to find a connection for that flowery color scheme and that could be the beautifully draping curtains from ceiling or the low seating single sofa chair.

50. Circumspect

Allow your kid’s space to change every now and then as his/her life changes. Remember that décor of your kid’s room should always be evolving or this could get really boring so the idea is not to spent too much on a single look created so that it can easily be changed.

51. Comfort

Your kids nest should always be a place for comfort and inspiration for his/her very young mind. So never compromise on comfort for your kids bedroom. Low seated sofas for the rooms are a must have these days and video game freaks will love it.

52. Create your looks

Plain curtains can be turned into a very useful backdrop for your little one’s art work. Give it a try to add some creativity to your toddlers little room.

53. Angle it out

While painting your kid’s room just keep in mind about your angles. Places getting the direct sunlight are preferable for bright colors so that when your toddler wakes up the room shines bright giving the room real morning feels.

54. Fantasy world

Make your kid’s bedroom their very own fantasy world. With a large window and ceiling hangs you are inspiring them to the world of the skies and finish this with the touch of comfy cushions around for the playing corner so the room is not a mess.

55. Stairy room

Always try something new in your kids room, try thinking out of the box. A staircase leading to the bed upstairs with an open two portion bedroom is a lovely idea just so luxurious and new!

56. Swing swirl

Swings are meant for kids so why not for their bedrooms? Wooden swing chairs are wonderful idea for your fun loving kids. If you got a spacious room for your toddler then definitely go for it and color schemes contrasting the room could be chosen or natural wooden look will be just fine.

57. Cosy reads

A cosy reading corner in your child’s room is a must. With warm tones and a addition of faux fur thro and a comfy cushion with a nearby book rack is a perfect relaxing or reading corner for your growing ones.

58. Hanging furniture

A hanging sidetable from the sealing with little ceramic one flower vase and ample space for night book reading is trendy idea for the kids these days.

59. Light fantasy

A glass bed with super cool lights from within and bedding with white linens paired with the vivid shades of orange and red curtains and  beautiful embroidered cushions.

60. Boyish bold

Find bold prints for your teenage boys and kids room . They will want to go decent and dark. Paint the room wall in whites striped with the deepest shades of blue paired with the dark tone furniture is a way he wants it!

61. Mini cinema

Kids these days want it all! So a mini cinema is a cool idea for their cartoon watching time or a game time. With some comfy cushions a place made up in aqua shades Contrasting carpets with a TV.

62. Mirror mirror!

A dreamy teenage girl is all about mirrors. Variety of mirrors is a thing for her the main texture wall can have a paneled mirrors or a mirror maze with playful mirrors which will add up an intriguing delicate look to her room.

63. Fiery contrasts

Fiery shades is all what season talk is about try to play with some oranges and reds contrasting and pairing with interesting ideas like bedding linens and curtains will help. Think out of the box and go for them.

64. Cost effective

Inbuilt beds in the room’s interior will help you accommodate most of your kids. It’ll be easy on your pocket while giving a single bed for each. This will let them have fun together and ample of space for themselves.

65. Mama's love

You  never want to leave your new born alone yet can’t resist the urge to have a beautiful small room for your little one not to worry a hanging little cot from the ceiling and a dark toned rocking chair paired with a soft faux fur rug is the perfect little space for your little one.

66. Cute beds

Low layered bed are in fashion. Go for trendy ideas for your kid a hut framed low layered bed with soft wooden tones and a blend of grey and blue shades are the best combo for this modern day room.

67. Little hut

Kids these days can never get enough. The idea of lightened hut on a corner in these kids bedroom are an interesting idea to give their unreal space so sometimes they want to hide in their own world.

68. Perfect color scheme

Twin bedroom can be decorated with a cute pink colour palette and features white fabric heightened curtains, which are princesses like adorned by little girls. This light scheme with cute colors is perfect for girls growing into teenage.

69. High bed frames

Floral wallpaper with high and white bed frame is decent yet elegant look for the kids room . Can be paired with grey and and cream faux fur throw on a royal sofa like chair.

70. Unique fabric choices

 The beautiful red toned gingham fabric is perfect fot those curtains and bed pillow covers with plain white sheets. Pair it up with the soft neutral colors so that red pops out elegantly in your kids room

71. Never better with muted shades

Use a beautiful muted pastel palettes color scheme for your new born baby’s room. Keep the theme subtle with a vintage glass bottle vase and modern touch with quite fanciful wallpapers. This gives an uncluttered look to the kids room. 

72. Scandinavian is just your style

The lovely Scandinavian style is the combination of whites and some cheery colors for the kid’s room décor. All white washed tiles and flooring and cute addition of bright colors with cushions and bedding.

73. Cute pastels

A mix of muted pastels creates a soothing space for a kids’ room. Cleverly done by incorporating paint on the trim and doors, with coloured bed frames and white sheets. Sweet dreams… Just like in the kids room in grandma’s house. 

74. Nautical style

White panels and white tiled floor is all what helps pop out the nautical props elegantly placed for your little sailor in making and for his sea of dreams.

75. Light and clever

You can add a funky features like some bright colors for with pastels to avoid that dull look, with some popping paint and bright furniture. This is just the trend for this year. 

76. Thick and resilint

A soft single bed placed cleverly which allows a lot of space to play and place the for some necessary furniture for kids like drawers and chairs with a duo of creative color patterns.


77. Plains are a good idea

Sometimes, your kids need something plain especially when it comes to bedspreads. Some of the looks and decor around the kids room should have some plainness to it. 

78. Bold matches

Red and white is the match you just want for the kid’s bedroom. Go beyond your imagination and throw some pink hues in the bedding linens.

79. Gorgeous tones

The softest hues of gorgeous mauve and grey color scheme and the sweetest textiles is your thing for the your sparkling child’s imagination.

80. Fun details

We love that there are so many things that catch the eye in this room, from pirate ships and bunting to hot air ballons, fun prints, a stuffed octopus and paisley cushions. It’s just what’s needed to spark a child’s imagination.

81. Speak your style

A bespoke bed with three parts framed and an opening gives you a feeling of a cort and a bed for your growing one.

82. It's there between shades

Create your own imaginary tones go between the typical shades of pink and blue which will turn into a sophisticated lilac shade for a beautiful hued room with some silk single motif curtain and bespoke bed and a sheepskin rug.

83. Red and yellow

Red and yellow the fireman color scheme is a bold choice for a kid’s fancy chamber. The choice is quite suitable for a middle aged toddler who loves to play with colors.

84. Timeless theme

Want a timeless theme to go with every fashion look it simply a simple look which will be a low cost beautiful modern time look. White plains with some dark toned furniture, just add some bright color cushions to pop up the look occasionally.

85. Accomodation solutions

When we talk about the kid’s stuff we know that it’s just too much so a bespoke bed with a build-in rack is a solution for storeage issues and quite decent with light toned wooden frame with the red inner carpeting of racks.

86. Right thing

Best part of decorating a kid’s room is that you get playful with accessories. The perfect cartoon rug piece or a curtain color will add an immediate grace to the place.

87. Soft glam

Beautifully combined hues of citrus yellow and greys are the perfect for soft feels for a new born baby’s room or this subtle will never go wrong with some black add ups in the furniture.

88. Keep it casual

Bedding for kids room does not have to be always very colorful or character themed just keep it simple sometimes with peppered stars or hearts on a light colored linens which is perfect for casual days.

89. Teenage kicks in

The blue contemporary wall a bike on the side of the dark toned wooden frame bed is a teenage boys classic look and the bike up on the ceiling will be a clever use of the prop.

90. An eye for uniqueness

Abstract appeal will be an out of the box idea. Hanging furniture from ceiling, empty wooden frames on the wall and a plain linen with abstract art throws will appeal every for its abrupt yet unique look.

91. Magical

The net draping curtain from the ceiling over the bed just like fairytales is perfect for little girl who is a part of a fantasy world in her imagination light them up with some starry fabric and soft white linens and a hight white framed bed.

92. Real fusion of opposites

Want it to be different just try monochroming with pastels. What a unique look! With a grey toned cort for your new one and soft pink pastel croche curtains with white and black faux fur rug finally complete the look with black marble dektop.

These are some hearty ideas for your young ones chambers from the most bright to the softest glams and delicate furnishing ideas while keeping in mind your comfort zones along with some easy on pocket ideas.

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