For humans, unlike animals, our homes are  not only a place where we live but it is the place where we socialize, relax , enjoy time with friends and family , or just sit around to de-stress. You have a psychological attachment to your home, as it is a place where you spend a lot of time alone and with the people who you love.

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1. A cozy approach.

Keeping your bedroom classy requires a cozy approach, which means that you need to layer up on the duvets, cushions and pillows. A bedroom needs to be richly decorated with picture frames and articles that make you feel the most at home. A cozy  bedroom is the most vital element of your home.

2. Geometric patterns.

Use mesh and geometric patterns for rooms that are spacious as it gives off a feel of luxury and style without making the living area seem too office-like. A room that has long walls can be decorated with longitudinal wall canvases. There are many canvas prints and ideas that you can choose from but try sticking to darker colours for larger rooms. 

3. Big windows.

Windows that can be opened to let in the sun and fresh air give the room sense of richness and freshness. This is the reason to why many of the interior decorators are opting for this form and style of homes. Windows can make small rooms bigger and large rooms even larger, as they give an illusion of ‘space’.

4. Shuttered windows.

Shuttered windows and blinds accompanied with glass window panes that come without any windows frames give the room a very spacious look and feel. These windows are wall high and typically cover the whole wall; giving the illusion of the room being in the outdoors. 

5. Floor lamps.

Floor lamps are trending this Spring; typically in white or pastel colours. These lamps are a good source of dim artificial light and do not throw any harsh shadows. The interior design market is being taken over by lamps in contrast to overhead electric lights. 

6. Textured walls.

Textured walls are said to be the trend that has come to stay for a few decades. Fabric style, brick style and terracotta style of the wall patterns have taken the interior design industry by storm. You can turn a boring room into an interesting piece of art by texturing the wall. 

7. Say it with leather.

Nothing speaks richness better than leather. Faux or real, leather gives off the impression of class, and glamour. If you wish for your home to look richly decorated, opt for the decor of one room to be comprised of leather furniture.

8. Lights of today!

Low hanging chandeliers and lights have become the trend of this era. It does not necessarily have to be heavily ornamented, in fact the concept of minimalism states that not too much of clutter must be made while decorating the house. Simple, low hanging lights are what you should look for.  

9. Accented rooms.

Having an accent to the room with a single colour makes the room look more balanced. Remember, only ONE colour is to be used as an accent. You do not want to go about putting in multiple accent colours; in process turning the room into a rainbow cupcake!

10. Many shades of grey.

Do you know that grey is known as the staple of interior design. Having grey in your living space can be considered as a canvas on to which any colour and accent can be blended. Rooms that have different shades of grey are also more calming to those who live there, which is why it is opted as a colour of choice at offices and work places. 

11. Red, white and black.

One of the best couple in the colour family is that of red and white, with the occasional fling with black. These three colours play  a great symphony on to the visual palette and this is why you will see most classy homes and restaurants opt for this combination.

12. Black wood.

Black wood is another one of those home decor ideas that give a focal allure to the entire room. Typically, headboards, tables and center pieces are composed of glossy black tinted wood . The rest of the room can be either pastel coloured or white. 

13. Plant it!

Plants not only give the home a feeling of natural beauty but also keeps the air purified. Indoor plants look classy in large living rooms  and dining areas as they give off the colour green as an accent. Green plants add a little life to your home and if you do not have the time to water the, then you can always go for succulents.

14. Little things matter.

Creating accents does not always have to be about walls and flooring. You can also opt for little things like cushions, center pieces, and throw pillows to create an accent. The great part about using small items for accent creation is that you can deviate from the rule of one accent and lean towards more than one colour. 


15. Purple for royalty?

Did you know that purple was known to be the colour of the royals and no ordinary man could adorn it or put it in their homes. Although purple can now be used by anyone, the royalty of the colour still remains. This is why purple is chosen as a colour of choice

16. Dim lighting.

If you wish for your room to look classy and elegant, never go for bright white over head lights. They tend to throw harsh shadows over the room. Opt for lamps and dim side lights in your living spaces. A dimly lit room gives off the ambiance of peace and serenity.  

17. Woodwork looks great.

Woodwork and wood closets look splendid as they cash an earthy impression to the room. To make sure that the look is carried of well, couple it with some large windows and airy curtains to ensure that the dark furniture is not creating a dreary impression. 

18. Give attention to headboards.

While decorating your bedroom, make sure that your head board carries the essence of the room in the truest sense. The headboard is a vital element of the room that aims to give it a classy look. The latest trends speak of keeping the head boards high and wide. 

19. Open kitchen.

One of the  best idea that you can implement in your home is that of designing an open kitchen. Open kitchen’s are preferable as it diminishes the idea of secluding the kitchen from  the rest of the home. Typically, an eating area, too, is location in the kitchen to increase effectiveness. designing

20. Make use of light.

It is important to remember that the ideas of decorating a light and dark rooms, differ greatly. If your room is small and has a small or no window, make sure that you make use of the available windows to the fullest by abstaining the use of curtains. Over head and floor lamps are to be kept in multiples of two to maintain harmonious light in  the room. 

21. Shelve it!

If you wish to divide a large living areas into two, or want to seclude a small portion off from the rest of the living areas, instead of option for a screen divider, go for shelves. Square stacked shelves not only look classy but also give the room a feel of open-ness . 

22. Built-in ceiling lights.

Even though over head lights are prohibited in home decor by most interior designers, built-in ceiling lights are always welcomed/ This is because they throw little light and minimize shadows. Typically these lights are comprised of LED lights that glow like starts at night-time. 

23. Minimalist approach

If your home is not very spacious, then try preferring simple furniture  that takes up minimal space instead of going for bulky furniture that takes up space. Go to IKEA and grab some minimalist articles of furniture to make sure that your home does not look over crowded. 

24. Natural stone work.

We may be far ahead of the rock age but the decor today speaks highly in favour of rockery. Rock walls do not only give a vintage look to the living space but also create a perfect base to incorporate leather, and dark hued elements. 

25. Patterned walls.

Patterned walls are here to stay! Just a decade ago, only one wall was to be patterned while the rest remained plain. Now, newer versions of interior design considers it to be a great idea to put a identical pattern on every wall of the room.

26. Vintage style fireplaces.

Mantel pieces and fireplaces had disappeared as electric heaters and centrally air-conditioned systems took the market by storm. Now, to please the aesthetically vintage minded decorators, the trend is seen creeping back into homes.

27. Rug it all.

In contrast to the Eastern homes, Western homes comprise of no concept of wall-to-wall carpets and rely mostly on mar belled or wooden floors with an array of rugs, throw pillows and floor lamps. Linoleum and wooden floors are the trending floor-work of choice today.

28. Books to break the ice.

In your home, the living room is the place for conversation to spark, whether it is with guests or family members. The environment should trigger conversation. Having open shelves, full of good books  will help the cause of breaking the ice for you. 

29. Smart homes are classy.

Technology reigns over our lives today. It is important for your home to be a smart home, which means that your home must be equipped with the latest technology but it should not stick out from the theme of your home but be perfectly blended into it. 

30. Little plants are no less.

Plants do not always have to be huge potted plants. If your house is small, you can still bring in the greens into your home by opting for smaller versions of the potted plants that can be placed around the house on tables and center pieces. 

31. Lighting makes your home.

The lighting of your home  is an integral part of a splendid living space. You can make sure to take advantage of the natural lighting when you have large  windows. You can also make use of the soft  lighting when it gets dark. It

32. Black is the decor-breaker or maker.

Black is one of those colours that can break or break a decor look. If you opt for black in the wrong place  with the wrong accents, then your living space will look no less than a disaster. As it is a really classy colour, it is still the colour of choice by many. Black sofas and walls need to be coupled with light toned furniture and huge windows so that the room does not seem crowded. 

33. Inverse combinations.

As a rule of the thumb, the hues of the walls will be  the opposite of the furniture. Light vs dark and vice versa. The rugs and carpets can match the wall or be used to create a contrast. In really large rooms, it is best to sick to uni-coloured walls with large windows to throw in natural light. 

34. Short curtains for smaller rooms.

For decorating smaller living rooms, you can move away from the traditional long curtains look and go for shorter and more sassier looking curtains. This will leave the room looking larger than it actually is. Long flowy curtains can be used in rooms that are  either long or really large with multiple windows. 

35. Wall length windows.

If the view by your house is quite spectacular then you can use the scenery outside as a decoration for your home. How? Simple; all you have to do is keep those windows bare and make sure that there are no walls and all windows to the side where this spectacular view lies. This works perfectly well for beach homes. 

36. Long lounge sofas.

Long lounge sofas in light colours with darker arm rests are all in the trend for making your home look spectacular. If you wish to turn up the pomp, throw in a couple of brightly coloured pillows to accent the whole look. 

37. Candles.

Light your home up with candles. You can get them off the home stores or make them yourself. . The good part about making your own DIY candles is that you can match them with your home decor and style perfectly.

38. Focus on the theme.

Remember, your living spaces need to stay focused around a certain set of colours and hues. Evrything that can catch your attention should be following the same theme. This creates harmony in the decor. Sometimes you may find things that you like but they do not blend with the decor and my advice is to refrain from buying any such things. 

39. Wrought iron is back.

Another option for you to make your bedroom look elegant yet functional is to choose wrought iron bed frame, dresser and side tables. This can easily be moved around the place as well as it can be unassembled easily.

40. Personalize as you wish.

This cozy bedroom features hanging hats on the wall, wooden head board and the eclectic lamp to give off a natural ambiance. The room is mostly empty but a few items have linked the owner of the room to it i.e. the hats on the wall and the mug on the night stand. 

41. Toiletries to welcome.


Nothing speaks of class better than a guest bathroom that is well equipped with toiletries. Invest into some small hand-towels and mini toiletries and your guests are bound to say that your house feels like a fancy restaurant or hotel

42. Work on a pretty entrance and patio.

One of the most focused areas of the living space now is the front door entrance area and the patio. A few potted plants and a rug with a chair or two on top give a welcoming feel to the entrance. Classy homes also opt for potting some flowers in pots at the front door reception to make their guests feel welcomed.

43. Syncronization is the key.

A lovely home need not have mounds of elements but can also be maintained by opting for lesser items; yet making sure that they are in synchronous. Decor is one of the oldest forms of art,  with  two kinds of arrangements that need to be seen; the synchronization of the elements with one another and the synchronization of the elements with the room.

44. DIY around your home.


One of the best things about making DIY and hand-made objects to decorate your house gives you a feeling of achievement. Having a hanging like shown in the picture requires little effort to assemble but once it is there, it is sure to take away your attention.

45. Empty tables are a no no.

Never keep your tables empty, especially the ones in the living room. Keep a few candles and center pieces on the table to make it seem uninhabited. One of the most splendid things that you can do to entertain your guests is by keeping a bowl of mints on the table for your guests. 

46. Draping fabric.

Most people would agree that too much fabric is now a thing of the past but as I mentioned earlier, vintage is the new trend. The four poster bed with curtains draped over them are now the style that many master bedrooms have adopted. 

47. An outdoor setup.

A table set up with a couple of chairs in your backyard or patio adds to the splendor of your home. Your home may seem a little shabby if the weather is good but you are forced to sit inside because there is no outdoor furniture in your home. 

48. Prints and plain match.

Sofas in your drawing room can be mixed and matched to create the desired effect of killing monotony. In this picture, you can see that there are some printed and patterned sofas while some chairs have a pattern on them. The same patterned style is seen on the cushions too. 

49. Blue and White.

Blue and white are said to be inseparable best friends in decor. You can always couple a white bed sheet with blue cushions and pillows. This two, like red and white; are a great combo. What you can do is incorporate a few blue hues patterns into the room to make it look more brighter.

50. Vintage music players and pianos.

Vintage decor is gaining popularity, with old furniture that is refurbished and re-painted to perfection. Another one of these elements is the incorporation of antiques i.e. old phones, sonograms, records players and typewriters into the home decor. 

51. No snakes, only ladders.

You must have played the game of snakes and ladders as a child. A little element of the game is still prevalent in our modern day homes and that is the style of adding ladders to shelves and beds which are bunkers. 

52. Assortment looks splendid.

Having an assortment of wall hangings, frames, DIY wall art, mirrors and certificates on the wall makes the wall come alive. Your home is a part of you and your walls should be reflecting who you are. You can also have a soft board, on to which you can stick on your memoirs. 

53. Glass bottles.

Glass bottles that may be expensive jam jars or bottles of wine; they are all to be used as decorative elements. Glass is quite an intresting solid and having it laying around the house as part of the decor makes to home stand out. There are many DIY glass bottles ideas to choose from over the internet. 

54. Put up signs.

While decor is all about class, always remember that you must not fake your real inner self to fit into the unrealistic molds of the society. If you have a funny slogan that you love or a sleazy quote that brings back memories, do not refrain from making it part of your decor. 

55. Old is gold.

Did you know that you can a modified exterior of vintage style stereo over your sound system. Not only will this make your home look splendid but also give your home of a vintage collector’s home. DVD players, laptops,and other appliances can also be made vintage this way. 

56. Mirrors.

One of the oldest forms of home decor elements are mirrors. Mirrors have many uses apart from just being able to show us our faces and how we look. Mirrors are known to create the illusion of space and vastness. There are many ideas to how should one decorate their  home with mirrors. 

57. System station.

As many of us work from home or have work even after we get back home, it is best to have a mini work station in your bedroom. Using the laptop in bed not only decreases your efficiency but looks quite messy. A simple yet well equipped work-station at home will make sure that you stay connected to work; even when you are at home. 

58. Play with lights.

Decor sometimes can be played with. Keeping a mirror where it reflects light can throw amazing light effects on to your walls. Another idea, as shown in this picture is by putting a light reflective object in front of the sun so that it lets the light scatter. LEDs can also be used for this purpose at night-time. 

59. Have a foot-rest.

Having a foot-rest at the end of couches and sofas allows your guests to relax while they lounge around. Moreover, keeping the legs raised helps increase the blood flow and reduces the chances for varicose veins. See how the foot-rest matches the sofa in the picture. You can opt for a contarst as well. 

60. Keep your hobbies home.

Your interests and hobbies should be reflected in your home decor. The picture shows a snooker table in the middle of the living area, clearly indicating that the home-owner is a lover of the sport. A beautifully trimmed and prepped garden or a wall full of paintings; your passion should be part of your home decor. 

61. Collage Canvases.

Throughout decor, you will come across wall decorations as a vital element. There are many kinds of wall canvases but the latest trending one is the collage wall art style of the canvas. Not only does it look spectacular, as shown in the picture but also helps cut down the monotony of the room.

62. Printed Carpets.

Back in the late 90’s, printed and patterns carpets were thought to be gone for good by most decor artists and critics. However, to the amazement of interior decorators all over the world. Typically, the patterns that are opted for are geometric and dark coloured. 

63. Wood floors.

Wooden floors in kitchens and living rooms look quite spectacular as they give the rooms a clean look. Wood floors are easier to maintain,  in comparison to marble and tile floors. The typically used shades of the flooring wood is dark maghony, as shown in the image and light cedarwood colour.

64. Wood counters and cabinets.

In the kitchen, wood cabinets and counters are preferred for a lovely decorative look. This is because wood looks much more classy than ceramic and marble and is easier to maintain as well. Stainless steel utensils and appliances, coupled with these wooden surfaces, look amazing. 

Remember, it is not important to have a glamorous home, it is more important to have a cozy home where you feel at home. In order to achieve the  Pinterest-perfect home, do not lose touch with your real inner self of feeling relaxed when you are at home. 

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