It can be difficult to manage a small bathroom space, let alone make it look trendy and appealing. Here are a few of the best ideas specifically made for small bathrooms that can allow you to make more space and create a spectacular bathroom.


1. Go for the Neutrals

You can never go wrong with a neutral palette. Use earthy and neutral hues that are easy on the eyes and give your small bathroom an open and relaxed feel. For small spaces, neutral tones are one of the best options, keeping things fresh and airy.

2. Use a Large Mirror

Just because you have less space, doesn’t mean you can’t go big! Using a large mirror makes the room appear larger and you can incorporate it any shape or border of your choice. Either way, a large mirror will add a marvelous touch to your small space.

3. A Statement Tub

Statement furnishing is always a good idea, no matter how much space you have to work with. A dazzling statement tub can do wonders to uplift your small bathroom and will give it a whole new personality.

4. Bold Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to tweak your tiny bathroom is to put up some bold wallpaper. It’ll give the room a burst of energy and paired with matching decor, can transform your bathroom into a stunning space.


5. Rustic Bathroom

A rustic style bathroom is perfect for small spaces since it combines various textures and subtle tones to create an open vibe. Rustic style has been gaining quite the popularity and can be implemented in a variety of ways


6. Corner Shelving


7. Rag Rugs

Rag rugs can bring a lot of fun and personality into your small bathroom space. Trade those traditional bathmats for super chic and colorful rag rugs and mats. Their upkeep is just as easy as regular mats, too.

8. Add Greenery

Adding plants to the bathroom can help create a calm environment. Greenery is known to instantly boost the mood of the room and you can opt for any type of plants whether they’re hanging, in a vase, or in small pots on your windowsill.


9. Gold Treatment

Want to add a luxurious touch to your small bathroom? Use gold accents to amp up any space and give it a beautiful elegant and glamorous feel. Gold works very well with white, black, and essentially any simple color theme.


10. Black and White Tile

Black and White is always trendy. Use bold black and white tiles to liven up your bathroom and match it with various black, white or colorful pieces. You can keep things simple while giving your bathroom an amazing modern feel.

11. Silver and Gray Combo

Silver and gray color combinations go very well together. They create a subtle industrial feel and keep the room simple and chic. You can use silver and gray to make a small bathroom look spacious and stylish.

12. Half Tiled Wall

Filling tiles halfway up the bathroom wall can do wonders to create an innovative and classy space. Halfway tiling help to give a small room an open appearance. To get the most from halfway tiling, pair dark tiles with light colored wall paint.

13. Use Baskets

Baskets are great space savers, and they’re quite delightful décor items. For small bathrooms, baskets can be used to store towels, toiletries, makeup, etc. and they can be easily tucked into cabinets or shelves.

14. Statement Stool

You can use a statement stool piece to create a unique bathroom space. A stool looks fabulous as a standalone décor item and it has a lot of function as well. You can use It to display your bathroom items or place towels.

15. Dark Floors with Light Walls

To create a more open feel in your small bathroom, using colors wisely can be of great help. Light walls work amazingly with dark colored flooring to give off the appearance of a bigger room.


16. Towel Rail

For a small bathroom, a functional towel rail can be very handy. You can store all your towels on a single piece, and it doesn’t take up too much space, either. Investing in a heated towel rail is a huge plus!

17. Pebble Surfaces

Pebble surfaces go great in the bathroom. They give the space a unique beachy vibe, if that’s the style you’re aiming for. Sand based coloring schemes go perfectly with pebble surfaces.

18. Bright Accessories

Adding a pop of bright color with subtle color tones can be a great way to give your small bathroom space a fabulous makeover. Any bright color works wonderfully with all the basic colors.

19. Fun Mirror Lighting

Adding a bit of unique and fun lighting elements to your bathroom mirror is a great way to enlarge the space. More lighting helps to keep the room vibrant and open and some interesting lighting pieces can be a great fit.


20. Full Wall Tiling

Putting tiling on your entire bathroom walls makes a small bathroom look larger by giving off a panoramic effect. Tiled walls are not only stylish but they’re super easy to maintain as well!


21. Wall-mounted Faucets 

To save space and keep your bathroom compact, use wall-mounted faucets above the sink. They’ll allow you to have a sleek looking vanity or sink space in turn giving off a spacious look.

22. Recessed Shelves

One of the best space saving methods is to use recessed shelving. Not only are they extremely practical, they look modern and stylish. You can keep your bathroom items on recessed shelves to keep them organized.


23. Unique Laundry Basket

Rather than using a plain plastic boxed styled laundry basket, go for a unique style to add personality to the room. You can give your bathroom a fun and bright feel along with keeping functionality.

24. Use Bath Trays

Bath trays are a wonderful option for storing your bath related items. On a bath tray, your items look instantly better and more organized. Use bath trays for more functionality while you bathe and for saving space, too.

25. Add Brass Accents

Brass accents can be a great addition to your small-scale bathroom, giving the room a bigger look and proving chic and classy elements. You can pair brass with just about any other type of material such as marble or wood.  


26. Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors work really well in small spaces because they allow the room to feel bigger. This is because of their upward stretch. Not only that, oval mirrors look super stylish and classy.


27. Accent Wall

An accent wall looks spectacular in a small shower or bath area. You can add a band of color or texture to a wall, or you can completely cover the wall. Whatever the case, an accent wall is a decent choice to amp up a small space.


28. White Marble Bathroom

White marble does wonders to make a room look bigger and more spacious. The white marble style also looks extremely elegant and works perfectly with metal accents. You can add hints of white marble in the bathroom or go all out on every surface!

29. Antique Storage

To give your bathroom a decent antique vibe while saving space, an antique storage unit is the best option. Antique storage cabinets can be used to store so many of your bathroom items. It can also be painted to match the rest of the room


30. A Unique Sink

Investing in a unique sink design can really help transform your entire bathroom. The sink is one of the main elements in the bathroom and a funky design can give the room an entirely new personality.

31. Bold Ceiling

Try coloring your ceiling for an open and spacious feel. You can opt for a simple and subtle color or create a dramatic look with bold colors or patterns. Either way, the ceiling is bound to instantly draw attention.


32. Artsy Decor

Using art pieces as décor give the bathroom a rich and personalized feel. There are so many possibilities for incorporating art into your small bathroom space. The pieces can instantly provide a beautiful uplifting vibe.


33. Small Tub Styles

You don’t necessarily have to go for regular sized tubs, instead you can opt for some small styles. Bathtubs are available in so many sizes and choosing one that fits well in your space is an important step towards a more spacious bathroom.


34. Skylights

Natural light is the most convenient option for giving any room a spacious look. Skylights work exceptionally well in small bathrooms by illuminating the entire room and giving a great modern feel as well.


35. Mix and Match Material

Mixing and matching different materials can be very useful in your small bathroom space. Mixing different materials gives off the illusion of a larger and more coordinated space, and there are so many possibilities.


36. Use LED Lights

Using LED lights can really brighten up a small bathroom. You can use stick on LEDs on any wall in the room or go for fancy LED lighting behind the mirrors and other elements. Either way, your bathroom will look stunning!

37. Floating Basin Sink

A floating basin sink is a great option for creating open space in the bathroom. The floating sink looks modern and chic and can help to create a more spacious feel in an otherwise cramped space.


Hooks are quite useful for storing items that need to be organized. You can use hooks to hang virtually anything, keeping the room clutter free. Hooks give the room a nice and neat look and add to the style as well.

39. Fashionable Bath Curtain

You can use a fashionable looking bath curtain to amp up your small bathroom and give it a grand feel. A simple unique curtain design can considerably transform the entire look of your bathroom.

40. Floral Chic

Floral is always in style and incorporating it within your bathroom space is a wonderful idea. You can put up floral wallpaper or opt for a floral printed curtain. Either way a floral design can give your bathroom a trendy and personalized feel.


41. Farmhouse Inspiration

A farmhouse inspired bathroom is a great way to make use of a small bathroom space. Vintage elements look great in the bathroom and you can find tons of farmhouse-based furniture.

42. Ladder for Towels

Leave that boring towel rail and go for a towel ladder. It’s an amazing idea for displaying and storing your towels, and it can give the entire bathroom a decent and stylish feel. A towel ladder is fun and convenient at the same time.

43. Bright Color Schemes

Using bright color schemes in the bathroom can help to liven up a dull and small space. Bright and fresh color palettes are extremely suitable for small spaces and they give off lively and fun vibes.


44. Ombre Wall Paint

Ombre walls look amazing if implemented correctly. A gorgeous ombre statement wall is a great idea to transform your small bathroom into a work of art. You can implement ombre designs in any color or style you want


45. Horizontal Striped Walls

Horizontally oriented stripes are known to make rooms appear larger than they are. This wall style is perfect for small bathrooms to create a more spacious vibe, and it looks trendy and chic.


46. Coastal Theme

What better room is there than the bathroom to implement a coastal theme? Using blue and white and earthy tones can create a fantastic beachy feel. You can pair pebbles or sandy textures to complete the look.


47. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can help to save a huge amount of space. Instead of having a door that extends into the room and wastes space, you can do for a sliding door. It looks incredible from inside and outside the room!


48. Fun Shelving

You can add different types of shelving to the bathroom to keep things fun and fresh. Instead of using boring hanging shelves, you can use ladder shelves or funky shaped wall shelves too.

49. Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets give a spacious feel to the bathroom and they look incredibly modern. They also save a lot of floor space and leg room, adding to the spacious feeling. You can use the leftover space for something more useful like shelves.

50. Monochromatic Palette

Monochrome always works for décor color palettes. It’s a universal style that can never go wrong even in the bathroom. A monochrome bathroom will help you keep things simple and functional and at the same time extremely classy!


We’ve seen some beautiful and functional ideas for small bathroom designs. Use any one of them, or a combination of some, to transform your bathroom into a wonderful new space.


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