Looking for different wallpaper ideas that can liven up any space in an instant? You might have gone through many websites or looked through several wallpaper design books but haven’t found the perfect fit. There are so many creative wallpaper ideas to match your thoughts; you can choose any of the following to help you create beautiful house décor.


1. Blue floral wallpaper

Blue floral wallpaper can be used in antique themes and modern ones as well. It’s a unique design that would go perfectly in any room, especially on bathroom walls. It has an amazing outlook that is decent yet very attractive. The blue floral wallpaper is a bold style wallpaper, which is found in many varieties so that it can be chosen according to the matching décor of the room. It can transform any bedroom, living room, or bathroom into a spectacular space.


2. Green and aqua striped wallpaper

This wallpaper is very light-colored with stripes complementing rainbow colors. You can always have these types of wallpapers in your study room wall which provides you a relaxing state and peace of mind. According to the color of the wallpaper, you can place colorful rugs and curtains that suit the surrounding décor. You can improvise with photo frames on the walls, paintings, and canvas- all reflecting a calm and refreshing theme.


3. Calm colored landscapes

If you’re interested in keeping a relaxed and calm vibe in your room, you can have a canvas with soothing hues placed on your walls. This also gives a unique sense of wallpaper design. Not only this, but you can paint calm colored landscapes as your wallpaper idea. If you are suffering from anxiety, you can always gaze at such peaceful sites that are suitable to ease away your problems and worries. Light and airy colors in the room give you a calm and serene view that is good for your mental peace.

4. Geometric wallpaper

The Geometric wallpaper is suitable for the walls of any room, but it must complement the other things present in the decor scheme. These types of geometric wallpapers can also be an exciting idea for your kids’ bedroom. It provides different colors and shapes that may also be segmented with varying walls of color. It is also very much fun, adding different colors and shapes in your room.


5. Cartoon themed wallpapers

Cartoon themed wallpapers are the best for children’s rooms as their room should be filled with colors, bold themes, and décor. Different color combination themes provide a pleasant and eye-catching outlook that can grab anyone’s attention. This creates a simple and exciting vibe. Also, you can have a pattern of sea creatures that provides a tremendous and unique effect in a kid’s room.  These imaginative ideas are very much captivating and best for your kid’s satisfaction. Mostly, the kids are intrigued by unique and fantastic color combinations as they watch different cartoons and have many imaginative ideas. 


6. Minimalist wallpaper

These minimalist wallpapers are best for your bedroom décor and provide a very decent and simple outlook. These wallpapers can be of many colors according to your choice and offer you the best color combination, complementing your room décor. Not only this, but they are the best room wallpaper that you can choose which can also relate your room furniture, curtains, chair, table, and bed. 


7. Dramatic chevron wallpaper

It is a pattern of wave-like stripes that can be printed all over the walls. You can have a graphic carpet that can complement this bold chevron wallpaper. If you have everything that represents a bright and attractive style, you must give this wallpaper a try. It will suit your desires and help with unique, vibrant décor.


8. Classic striped wallpaper

It features a wall in a classic striped pattern. It must relate your doorways, your armchairs, curtains, floor lamps whatever color you choose. It is best for your living room area. It helps to refresh your space and provides you with a vast collection of colors that are best for your choice. It adds color in the room just like beautiful wallpaper and is perfect for your budget.


9. Blue grasscloth wallpaper

This type of wallpaper has also been featured in New York in a light-gray tone. It gives a relaxing and calm feel. You can design it in different shapes that add beauty in a room. You can provide a combination of white and blue or any other color. Light colors are best in summers as they give a cozy vibe.  Accessories should be added according to the wonderful wall background.


10. Textured gray wallpaper

This wallpaper is the palette of grays. It can be full of visual interest. It is very simple and decent wallpaper that is dull and suits your living room area. You can always place paintings, canvas, and mirrors when having dull-colored wallpapers. The wallpaper is likable and smooth on the walls. It is a dominating color and can be well complemented by dull white sofas and rug. It is suitable for rooms filled with smooth and soft surfaces.  It is affordable and reasonable for you.


11. Dainty floral wallpaper

It is a simple, floral, and elegant wallpaper covering one of the best wallpaper for the living room area. It gives a royal vibe that will contrast with whatever color your furniture, chairs, and sofas have.  You can always have different designs according to your choice.


12. Brick textured wallpaper

If you want a brick wall look, give this wallpaper style a try. This textured wallpaper includes all the main and dark color that include red, gray, and neutrals. This wallpaper complements everything present in the room. If the room contains everything different and colorful, then this wallpaper is the best choice.


13. Fish scale pattern wallpaper

Fish scale pattern wallpaper features a dreamy kind of look. It can be found in a lot of different colors to suit your décor needs. This wallpaper is best for master bedrooms that have great space for a beautiful view.


14. Peel and stick wallpaper

These are the temporary wallpapers. If you are living in a rented house, you can always make innovation in your wallpaper ideas. Peel and stick wallpapers include many floral, graphics, and geometric design that may give you various ideas regarding your choice. They have full of a charming and whimsical collection of different wallpapers.


15. Retro style peacock wallpaper mural

Retro style peacock wallpaper mural adds in a broad view of the wall. It is unique and breath-taking in its style. It adds beauty in a different kind of way. You will feel amazing when you take a look over the wonderful peacock print on the wall. Because it contains a wide range of colors, it will certainly suit your surrounding décor.


16. Silk burlap wallpaper

This silk burlap wallpaper includes all range of color. It is magnificent and gives a sophisticated vibe. It is one of the best wallpapers that can match your choice and is very much eye-catching. It is not too vibrant and not too dull, but it gives you feel of greenery everywhere. While on the other hand, it is your way of matching everything with this kind of wallpaper.

17. Tropical turquoise wallpaper

This tropical turquoise wallpaper is very light and smooth. It gives a vibrant blue color, which is plain and very much simple. You can have many designs over the blank wall and can make it look more beautiful and appealing. You can have this wallpaper for your study room or the living room area. The room will give a cozy and relaxing vibe.


18. Enchanting wallpaper

Enchanting wallpaper provides you the magical vibe. This kind of wallpaper is best for your child’s room.  It has a lot of cheery colors and has a playful pattern. Instead of having pastels on the walls, prefer wallpapers that may add a new outlook in the room.


19. Electrifying gold wallpaper

If you are feeling daring, you can have an electrifying gold wallpaper. These types of wallpaper boost up your energy as they contain different colors that are mixed along with shiny gold elements.  It gives a stunning and spectacular pattern on the walls.


20. Bold, bright, and colorful wallpaper

These types of wallpapers are attention-grabbing. They have a unique outlook with simplicity. It can provide you with a powerful and vibrant view. You can have such kind of wallpapers in your room or bathrooms. It can reinvent a featureless space.


21. Opulent wallpaper


Opulent wallpapers are one of the unique wallpapers that can provide you with the metallic print wallpapers in a soft lavender and silver palette. It is simple and exhibits a dull color that is good and decent in its way. People who are fascinated by light colors can always make such choices.


22. Marble wallpaper

Marble wallpaper gives a unique and luxurious touch to any room. Marble wallpapers come in a wide range of colors and styles, and they can even include some metallic elements. Marble paired with gold, silver, or even copper creates a bold and chic vibe and adds versatility to your home décor.


23. Chalkboard wallpaper

If you want to have a design that looks impressive at first sight, you can try chalkboard wallpaper. It’s an eye-catching option and represents a grand style. A chalkboard wallpaper can be found in various colors such as black or dark green, and you can even buy plain colored wallpaper and fill the wall with your chalk designs. Whatever the case, a chalkboard wallpaper has an absolute uniqueness that cannot be matched.


24. Pretty butterfly wallpaper


If you aren’t interested in bold color schemes, like white and black floral in a bedroom, you can choose a pretty and delicate styled butterfly wallpaper design. It’s excellent for use in any room but particularly your children’s bedroom or playroom. The beautiful butterfly wallpaper gives a charming and adorable look to your room while keeping things decent and girly.


25. Botanical wallpaper


It pours a great glamour in the room. People who are interested in greenery opt for such kind of wallpapers.  They are incredibly versatile in home décor. These leafy print wallpapers are suitable for bathroom décor. The walls are sheathed in a leafy patterned. You can have these wallpapers best at such spots because they will look lovely in a living room, bedroom, or kids’ room.


26. Neutral printed wallpaper

These types of whimsical wallpapers give a cheery and unique design. They look fantastic and amusing. They are quite funky and colorful. They create a nice vibe, whether you have it in a kitchen or family room. These types of wallpapers give you friendly ideas so you can have such wallpapers in your kid’s room.


27. Map wallpaper

Map wallpaper is unique, and it adds personality to your space. You can opt for map wallpaper if you’re going for something that stands apart from other wallpaper styles. A map wallpaper will fit well in any room.


28. Ceiling wallpaper

If you’re tired of looking at ideas for covering your walls, try covering your ceiling instead! This type of wallpaper creates a sense of cohesion in the room. If you want a bold and dramatic look without having to cover your walls, this is the perfect choice for you. Your ceiling can be covered with any wallpaper design from simple or intricate to bright or neutral.


29. Intricate batik wallpaper

The intricate design and fun colors of batik style wallpaper will bring out the charm in any room. You can have colorful bedding and vibrant rugs complementing the wallpaper design. It is quite impressive and looks attractive if you have it in your room decoration.


30. Bright tribal wallpaper

A bright tribal printed wallpaper style in blue, red, orange or virtually any livid color is excellent for any room. Tribal wallpaper will bring unique patterns to your room while lending colors to boring and dull walls. The brightness and uniqueness of the design are sure to liven up any room, and you can find tribal patterns in a variety of styles and colors to match your décor needs.

Any of these wallpapers will suit your home wonderfully. They are the best options for exploring your ideas and thoughts regarding your home décor.

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