Our home is one of those places where we spent most of our time at. There are many rooms in our homes that we opt to give a lighter tone while others to stay dark toned. The decor of either one of those rooms will rely heavily on the general look of the room and the look that you wish to create within in.  

Rooms that have light coloured walls and furniture can be decorated really well with intricately designed wall canvases. There are many great design ideas for gallery walls that can be implemented in a room that has light coloured hues. Red is one of the main colours that can be used to spice up a light room and this is one of the lessons in colour that will change the way you decorate you home. 

2. Balance is the key.

To make sure that your lightly lit room has a sense of balance and harmony, make sure that none of the furniture or objects in the room are overwhelming the light effect of the room. All objects should be wither asymmetrical or symmetrical. If you wish to introduce another colour into the palette of the room, then make sure it is only one colour. Do not make your living space look like a rainbow unicorn!

3. Let light into light coloured rooms.

Lightly coloured rooms are usually designed in that ways to ensure an aura of openness and vastness within the home. Large windows that lay emphasis on throwing natural light into the light coloured rooms must be emphasized on. Moreover, a large painting that has hues of orange, reds and browns should dominate one of the main walls of a lightly coloured room.

4. White is to be used to freshen up rooms

For light coloured rooms that have pastels and dull colours, white can be used to add a splash of brightness to the room. White tends to strike the right balance between nude and pastel colours that dominate light coloured rooms. Monotonous as it may seem, white surprisingly adds a splash of vibrancy into a rooms decor. A while sofa or a curtain is one of the best ways to  do this. 

5. Blue and white go well together.

Nothing can set apart a light room like an amazing combo of white and blue. A white and blue room can almost never go out of style and gives a feel of a denim styled room. The combination of white and blue is commonly compared to that of black and white. Essentially, a  modern living room decor can be complimented with while coloured walls can be well complimented by blue sofas, curtains or accessories. 

6. Bring in the garden into your living space.

Another thing that you could do with your lightly coloured rooms is bringing in indoor plants and cactuses into your living spaces. Green plants not only make your home seem aesthetically pleasing but also purify the air of any pollutants and provide a steady supply of oxygen. You can choose from a wide array of indoor plants that you can keep in your room. 

7. Patterns for light rooms look the best.

Patterned drapey fabrics for curtains and colourful patterned sofas are trending for light coloured rooms. For the flooring, you can opt for animal prints or nature prints rugs and carpets to cut down on the light coloured monotony of the room. many interior decorators also promote the idea of patterned lamps, and decorative items to sophisticate a simple light hued room. 


8. Decorate the walls with your favourite pictures.

Typically, light rooms have most of the walls in a lighter hue. However, if there is a  wall that has been painted to create a contrast as we spoke above then make sure to make that wall into a gallery of canvases. These can either be picture of your loved ones or any art that you have created. Many top interior design experts have revealed that the best way to display your art at your home is to portray it via wall canvases. 

9. Dark rooms can be lightened up with white walls.

Rooms with a dark outlook can look quite dreary if all the walls are coloured with dark hues such as black, browns and greys. To maintain the dark look along with keeping the room bright, it is important that only one of the walls is to be darkly painted. A dark patterned wall can brighten up your dark rooms really well. Make sure that you have selected dark accessories to match the overall style of the room.

10. Dark rooms should have uni-colour accessories.

Rooms that are dark generally should be kept away from patterned bed-sheets and curtains or sofas. Printed accessories would make the the room look stuffy while uni-colour sofas, bed-sheets and curtains will bring out the darkened style of the room without making it suffocating for the people who live there. Printed canvases are always preferred in darker rooms.

11. Add gloss instead of matte.

Matte paints tend to bring out the light in lighter coloured rooms while glossy paints look good in darker rooms. Home decorators have always emphasized that dark rooms should have glossy paints on  the walls and also the ceilings as a glossy finish tends to give off more shine. This mirror effect given off by glossy paints makes dark rooms look spectacular.

12. Opt for translucent blinds and curtains.

As dark rooms have a dreary feel to them in general, it is important to uplift the mood of the room at day-time by opting for translucent curtains and blinds. Sheer curtains are trending this spring as well, so why not opt for something that will make your living space feel much more cheery and take away that feeling of dreariness that  dwells in dark rooms. 

13. Add to the ambiance by adding dim lights.

Artificial light can be a great substitute for natural light at night or if there are no windows in the living space to let in natural light. Overhead harsh ceiling lights can give the room an institutional feel so it is always better to opt for dim floor and table-lamps throughout the living space to create a sense of natural balanced illumination. Adjustable ambiance lamps are also a good option.

14. Mirror mirror on the wall.

Decorating a dark room with mirrors can make the room look larger. Mirrors help brighten up a room even without natural light Instead of opting for large full length mirrors, choose vintage or mosaic mirrors to bounce around the light in the room. Mercury concave and convex mirrors helps scatter the light around the room without making your wall feel like it’s a huge vanity.

15. Minimalism is the key.


There is a massive difference when choosing furniture for a dark room in contrast to a light room. Extensive woodwork and bulky furniture is contraindicated in rooms that are dark as they add to the drabness of the room. Furniture in dark rooms should be kept at a minimal to make sure that most of the space is not taken over by the furniture. Minimalism trends are best suited for dark rooms. 

16. Throw in coloured canavses.

Canvases that have abstract colourful arts on them are a very good wall display of choice for interior designers who are decorating dark rooms. Murals and wall canvases with bright colours and hues make a dark room instantly light up. Abstracts on walls are preferred as they reduce the  cluttering detailing that other forms of art carries.

What it comes down to.

These are just some of the ideas that we think might inspire you to make your living spaces more worth living! Remember, your home is where you come to relax. Make sure that you house is a reflection of you. Do not blindly follow any décor advice without making sure if it pleases your aesthetics or not. Make sure you are happy where you live!

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