When it comes to home appliances, there is so much variety out there. When choosing appliances such as washers and dryers, there are a bunch of things one needs to keep in mind. These include the appliance’s features, dimensions, availability, color and style, and most importantly, the price range. Selecting the best washer and dryer may seem like a daunting task, but don’t be discouraged. This list of thirteen washer and dryer pairs will help you choose the perfect fit for your home. Each washer and dryer set comes with different features and a unique outlook, so you can easily choose one that matches your specific requirements.

1. LG WM3997HWA Ventless Steam Combo

The LG Ventless Steam washer and dryer pair is great for those who need to save space. A combo washer and dryer means both appliances are combined into one unit. This combo unit is 27 inches wide and has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet. This size is perfect for both saving space and having enough washer load capacity. The LG WM3997HWA is sleek and stylish, but it also offers some neat features. The machine can TurboWash your clothes using its high-pressure nozzles, has 14 types of washing cycles, and amazing noise-less operation. This washer and dryer combo also allows you to set customized preferences for the dryer. Overall, this LG washer and dryer model offers some great features along with a perfect compact size and style.

2. Kenmore Elite 41072 & 81382

The Kenmore Elite washers and dryers come in white, metallic, and metallic silver and are both pleasing to the eye. They’ll fit wonderfully with a stainless-steel setting and will bring out the aesthetics of any kitchen. The Kenmore elite 41072 washer has 5.3 cubic feet capacity, and the 81382 dryer provides 7.4 cubic feet space. The washer provides the option of using “Accela Wash” to get a full load of laundry clean in less than a half-hour. The washer also comes with a Steam Treat feature and a wrinkle guard feature as well, both of which leave your clothes extra neat and clean. The Kenmore Elite is an excellent choice for those looking for a washer and dryer pair that has substantial capacity along with some interesting clothes treatment features.

3. Bosch 800 Series

Bosch is one of the top brands for washers and dryers, and their 800 series is sure made to impress. It is a stackable, compact washer and dryer series that has some convenient features. The Bosch 800 series is more costly than other washer and dryer pairs of its type, however, its space-saving design and the superior technology makes it worth the price. This particular washer and dryer pairing is most popular since they both have the same 240-volt plug connection. The front-loader washer provides 2.2 cubic feet capacity and completes loads in a staggering 15 minutes. This speed is due to the SpeedPerfect technology engineering into the machine. The dryer has four cubic feet capacity, which is extremely reasonable considering the high-quality build and amazing performance of the appliance.

4. Kenmore 22352 & 65132

The traditional top-loader Kenmore 22352 washer has 4.2 cubic feet capacity and can fit up to 19 towels in one load. It offers twelve different wash cycles for all types of washing requirements. The control panel of the Kenmore 22352 is very straightforward and simple, making this washer one of the easiest to use. There’s also an “Express Wash” option which lets you wash small wash loads very quickly. The Kenmore 65132 dryer also offers an easy-to-use control panel setup but has a considerably larger capacity of 7 cubic feet. The front-loader dryer features a “Wrinkle Guard” option that leaves your clothes both wrinkle and odor-free. The Kenmore 65132 also has SmartDry technology which uses moisture and temperature sensors to ensure your clothes are as dry and clean as can be.

5. Electrolux Washer and Dryer

The Electrolux 4.3 features the latest technology and design to make sure that the device uses less water and energy. The brand is famous for its energy-efficient electrical appliances, so if you’re looking for a washer and dryer that’ll save energy and money in the long run, this pair is perfect for you. The front-load washer offers 4.3 cubic feet of capacity and includes the basic normal, delicate, and heavy-duty cycles. Although it doesn’t provide fancy cycle options like other washers, it gets the job done well. You can also choose from different spin cycles and modify parameters such as water temperature and soil level. The Electrolux EFDE317TIW dryer has an amazing 8.0 cubic feet of space and has an Energy Star certification. Creating an energy-efficient dryer is not an easy task since they’re one of the most energy expending machines.

6. Kenmore 28133 & 78133 (Gas)

Although electric washer and dryers are most common in 2019, this gas Kenmore washer and dryer pair is worth a look. If you prefer gas appliances rather than electric, the Kenmore 28133 and 78133 are a great option. The 28133 top-loader washer offers 5.3 cubic feet capacity with an elegant stainless-steel exterior. Its three-part wash cycle with a triple action impeller helps to get even the dirtiest stains out of your clothes. The washer also features wash basket motion, nine powerful spray jets, and even distribution of detergent to make sure your clothes come out clean and fresh. The Kenmore 78133 dryer offers a spacious 8.8 cubic feet capacity and has SmartDry technology with moisture sensors, temperature monitors, and quick tossing. Both the washer and dryer are sturdy, powerful machines with no compromise on quality.

7. Magic Chef Washer and Dryer

The Magic Chef washer and dryer pair is one of the best choices for a small space. Whether it’s a tiny laundry room, apartment, or even a dorm room, these Magic Chef appliances will look and feel impressive. The washer gives the option of five wash cycles along with three water levels. It also has a neat digital display and easy-to-use controls. One feature that makes the washer even more practical is that it allows you to adjust the legs so it can balance in any environment. It also has the feature for automatic unbalance detection. The dryer offers 0.5 cubic feet capacity and is so light and small that it can be fixed anywhere. You can mount the dryer on the wall, or it can go on any counter or sturdy shelf. The Magic Chef washer and dryer provides more internal space than you’d expect from its size and offers an extremely compact, practical, and even durable design.

8. Amana Top Load Washer and Vented Dryer

The Amana washer and dryer set is a budget-friendly option that offers generous capacity and durable design. The Amana NTW4516FW washer is 3.5 cubic feet in size and is enough for average-sized laundry loads. It offers eight wash cycle options and the ability to set temperature or water fill level to your liking. You can also opt for the auto-sensing feature so the parameters will be set for you. The matching dryer has 6.5 cubic feet capacity and offers both low and high heat drying cycles. It also includes timed dry and air-dry options. The dryer leaves clothes with fewer wrinkles due to its wrinkle prevent feature, making it easier for you to iron or steam clothes afterward. Although the Amana washer and dryer set is low in the price range, it offers simple, flexible, and reliable features.

9. Miele Laundry WWF060WCS & TWI180WP

Miele provides consumers with high-quality and reliable appliances, and its washer and dryer pair is no exception. The WWF060WCS washer and TWI180WP dryer are both ventless, and they include heat pump technology. This makes them more efficient and allows them to emit less heat, which means they can easily be used inside a closet. The price range of this brand is on the expensive side, but considering its features, the purchase would be entirely worth it. The washer includes the CapDosing option which uses capsules designed for specific items, HoneyComb Drum which lets your laundry glide gently and protects the cloth fibers, and Smart Connect which lets you control and monitor the appliance from a smart device. The dryer includes an Eco Feedback option which provides energy and water consumption statistics, allowing you to maintain full control of costs.

10. Deco DC 4400

The Deco DC 4400 might seem small, but its amazing technology and features make up for its size. The Deco DC 4400 is a combination washer and dryer machine with a bunch of neat settings. You can convert the dryer from vented to ventless with the touch of one button. If you’re planning on placing a washer and dryer unit in an RV, this by far is the best option you can go for. It provides a winterize option that operates dual fans to dry clothes faster and a quiet mode that barely makes a sound. The unit also offers an automatic water sensor, sensor dry feature, automatic heat, and dry levels, wrinkle guard feature, and a quick 12-minute hot-dry refresh cycle. Overall, the Deco DC 4400 is a powerful and durable machine with many unique and useful features.

11. Maytag Maxima XL

The Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer is a solid and reliable pair that offers different features for all your laundry needs. Its pretty sleep and compact, making it a great fit for any kind of space. You can buy the entire set with matching pedestals if you have enough room because the pedestals really make using the washer and dryer much easier. The front-loader washer has a 4.3 cubic feet capacity, and although it is not great for a large family, it’ll get the job done for average-sized loads. It includes PowerWash and overall cleans your clothes very efficiently. The dryer is a powerful 7.3 cubic feet sized machine which offers some useful features, for example, Wrinkle Prevent.

12. Whirlpool WFC8090GX

The Whirlpool WFC8090GX is another washer dryer combo with amazing features and durable design. It offers smart WiFi capability and the neat LOAD and GO dispenser feature. With LOAD and GO, you’ll only have to put detergent and fabric softener occasionally, usually after 20 loads. The machine stores and automatically dispenses the detergent and fabric softener. This type of machine can really save you time if you’re always in a hurry. It’s the perfect fit for those on a tight schedule. The washer offers almost 22 wash settings that are customizable so you can get the perfect wash for any kind of load. There is also the option for a sanitize cycle that increases the water temperature to kill nearly all common types of household bacteria. The machine also features a wrinkle shield setting that allows you to have wrinkle-free clothes no matter how long you’ve left them in the dryer after washing. The smart WiFi technology lets you start, pause, and keep track of the progress of the load.

13. Frigidaire Top Loading Pair

The Frigidaire Top Loading pair is an economical and reliable choice for a washer and dryer set. The washer has 4.1 cubic feet of space with an organized control panel and twelve distinct wash cycles. It also features a quick wash mode for when you need to wash a small load really fast. The dryer has 6.7 cubic feet of space and offers ten distinct drying settings. The dryer’s quick-dry mode goes perfectly with the washer’s quick-dry mode to make this set one of the best for those who are always on a tight schedule. The dryer also features anti-wrinkle options which is usually not included in a model this reasonably priced.

These 13 different washer and dryer models are each designed keeping consumers like you in mind. Although they all fall within different price ranges, they provide some really incredible features along with durable designs, reliable technology, and aesthetic finishes. Choose any one of these fantastic washer and dryer sets or combos, and it’ll surely be the perfect fit for your laundry space.

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