Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means it is time to start preparing for the day we show our love to the ones we love. 14th of February has become a global occasion, people from around the world celebrate Valentine’s day with their loved ones, family, friends or romantic partners. Hearts, roses, flowers and the colors red and pink come to mind every time you think about love, these are the essentials of a perfect Valentine’s day decor. On this day, love is in the air and to add to the romantic atmosphere here are a few ideas:


1. Dangling Hearts Tree

This one is my ultimate favourite, it is a perfect blend of nature and romance. The best part about this is that you can make it smaller or bigger as per your convenience, it really depends on the look you’re going for. It can either be a large center piece that grabs the attention of your guest or a small add on to your list of decor.

All you need for this fabulous piece is a base, some pink and red chart paper, colored string and branches from your yard. If you want a more fine look, grab a bottle of spray paint to evenly coat your branches.

Make little heart shapes from the chart paper and attach them to strings of various sizes. Carefully place your twigs in a vase and hang away the heart cutouts.

Keep in mind the basic laws of gravity, the larger the tree, the bigger your base should be. A simple bottle will suffice for a few branches but for a bigger bunch you may want to use a pot filled with mud or a slightly bigger vase. Later, you can remove the hearts and keep the branches in a vase as a decoration piece.

2. Table of Roses

Roses have always been the ultimate symbol of love and affection hence a Valentine’s day is incomplete without the incorporation of roses. To bring a twist, the idea is to not arrange a bouquet of roses but to scatter rose petals. The luscious red petals not only look beautiful but also fill the air with the lovely scent of roses. People usually spread rose petals on the bed but it is not a good idea because rose petals are known to leave stains behind so we want to keep our petals on the dinner table.

Simply get a bag of roses from your local florist or your very own garden and pluck the petals,the more the merrier.. Arrange the petals in any style, you can even make a heart in the center of the table entirely with rose petals. Just make sure to use fresh roses for the best result, even a day old roses can start to give a musky smell!

3. The Red Bed

The bedroom is a sacred place for lovers, on Valentines day make your your space even more romantic with the colour red. You will be amazed at how an appealing bed line effortlessly elevates the look of your bedroom. Change your daily sheets and adorn your bed with the color of romance, red pillows, cushions, quilt and sheets. Just grab everything you see in red and place it on your bed. For this style, you don’t have to go shopping, searching for the perfect set, just make use of things you can find at home and mix and match. You can even use white sheets with red pillows for the same idea.

Tip: There is a way of turning your old t-shirts into cushion covers, you can DIY it 

4. Valentine’s Banner

This is a simple DIY arts and crafts project that will make your look complete. This is a colorful llittle addition to your decor that literally speaks out to your guests. You can make this simple Garland with children as well!

You just need Scissors, Ribbon, chart paper and markers. However, there is really no limit to the things you can add to this decoration piece. Stickers, glitter fomic sheet and much much more!

Simply, cut out 15-20 pieces in any shape, triangle, square, heart or round. Then, decorate the pieces or write alphabets on them to spell out a message or both. Finally, Punch holes in the pieces and pass the ribbon through these holes.

That’s it, three simple steps and you’re ready to hang your work!

5. Helium Decor

Regardless of the celebration, balloons are a must at every occasion. From birthday parties to office lunches, balloons are always an essential part of decor, Valentine’s day is no different. Helium balloons are an inexpensive way to brighten up any room. Just get a bunch of helium balloons and scatter them in the room or you can tie them up in a cluster for a neater look.

For adding an element of surprise, add rose petals in the balloons before blowing them, then have fun as you pop the balloons only to be showered with rose petals, how lovely?

In addition to that, also blow up a few balloons to scatter on the floor for the fuller look.

6. Hanging Memories


Photographs keep our memories alive, they capture the moment and keeps it forever. In any relationship today, photographs play an important role in preserving the memories of our loved ones. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reminisce the good old days. Hence, another way to make your day memorable is to print out pictures of your favourite moments with your loved ones and hang them on a piece of string. Or you can use the previous balloons idea and merge it with this one, hang the photos on the balloons instead! You can also make a collage of photographs and place it in a frame surrounded by balloons.

7. Mason Jars love

This is a decor idea that you can use after the day is over, these mason jars are durable decoration pieces that you can place anywhere and use them for storage. You can also give away these jars as presents to your guest after the day is over. If a decorated mason jar isn’t enough just fill it up with candy or chocolates.

These are the things you need: Masking Tape, scissors, gold Spray paint and ribbon.

 Follow these steps to make one:

  1. Cut out a heart shape from your tape
  2. Stick it firmly on the mason jar
  3. Spray paint your jar
  4. Take off the tape after the paint dries
  5. Finish off with a ribbon

8. Floral hearts

 As we’ve established that flowers and Valentine’s day goes hand in hand, here’s another way to use flowers in your party decor. Unlike most of our ideas, this one requires a trip to the supplies store. Nevertheless, the method to make these fabulous love wreaths is not so hard after all.

The things you need to make this piece are 5-6 small bunches of artificial flowers, grapevine wreath form, wire cutter and hot glue gun.

First use a wire cutter to clip the flowers from their stems, leaving behind at least one inch. Next, weave your flowers in the wreath without glue in case you want to easily remove them and use the wreath for something else later on. However, if you want the flowers to stay more permanently, use hot glue before pressing them on the wreath. Lastly, work your way around the wreath form. The flowers are scattered randomly around the wreath, making sure not to leave any gaps between flowers.

This wreath can be used to hang on walls and doors by a simple nail. 

9. Light the Night

String lights or more commonly known as fairy lights are the one thing you can never go wrong with. It adds a touch of magic to any room and so it is safe to say that this idea is all you need to make your day absolutely perfect. Feel free to hang these lights as you wish, the wire is super flexible and easy to maneuver. Whether you choose to make a heart or randomly hang them over the bed, it will always look fantastic. You can get these lights online or from any local hardware store.

Another romantic way of using fairy lights is to make a canopy with the light strings, make a mesh with the strings overlapping and drape them on the ceiling, This gives an under the starry sky vibe which is perfect for the occasion.

10. Ignite the flame

The flickering flame of the candle can flicker the desire of your heart on Valentine’s day. When it comes to using candles for decor you can either DIY candles or you can arrange store bought candles in a creative way. As candles are usually lit in the dark, most of your hard work is concealed by the dark hence arranging store bought candles is the smarter alternative.

You can place floating candles in a bowl of water on the dinner table or place them in mason jars or candle stands for a subtle glow. Making candle stands by yourself with chart paper can also be a good idea. Carve out hearts on the rectangular chart piece and fold it to make a hollow box. Place this on top of a candle and your candle stand is ready and in action. Also, scented candles are known to have a soothing effect so try to get your hands on those when you go shopping.

11. Hearts on a string

This idea is simple but festive. The thing about this little decor idea is that it looks a lot more than it is, it fills up the room. It is extremely simple to make these strings of hearts, you only need a cutter, coloured pattern paper and string.

Using a cutter, cut the pattern paper into strips, same width. However, to make the hearts fatter and thinner use different lengths of paper. Staple the two sides and hang them on the string with glue.  

Just hang these around the room and your room will look fuller. They also turn around if anyone passes by so that’s a plus.


12. Trail of Passion



This is a passionate idea for lovers who are looking for a romantic evening. The trail of rose petals and candles is a foolproof method to get your partner in a romantic mood. The trail can lead up to your bed, bedroom, dinner table or even balcony for a night of stargazing.

This is extremely simple to pull off, all you need for this idea are rose petals and some candles.


13. Sticky Surprise

 This is a cute idea for a Valentine’s day surprise for your loved one. Just make a heart with these notes on the bathroom mirror and your partner will have a pleasant surprise early in the morning when they go to brush their teeth.

This idea is not only adorable but also thoughtful. Make sure to write about your favourite memories and things you love about your partner. 

All you need for this simple idea are sticky notes, pen and love.

14. Glitter Initials

This idea will swoon your other half, however, it is also the most difficult one to make. But don’t worry the effort is completely worth it as the letters can be kept in the house forever. Follow a simple guide to make these sparkly letters, instead of XOXO make the initial letters of your name for a personalised decor.Here’s a list of things you need to buy for this one: Paper mache letters, metallic gold spray paint , mod Podge, glitter and a foam brush. Be creative with how you decorate your letters!

These were a bunch of creative and fantastic ideas to make your Valentine’s day even more special. These ideas are cost effective and easy to make so you won’t have to spend hours making these, you can tackle each of these home decor ideas in one day but the results will look like it took so much longer to pull off.

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