A season of beauty and rebirth; spring brings happiness, and joy. It is to be made sure that the décor needs to be made spring-tastic. Spring proceeds winters, and this is why it is welcomed with open arms. Let’s be honest, we all do love spring. The weather may change abruptly; from summers to winters and winters to spring; but we need to prepare for it in advance. Spring calls for a change in our homes that gives birth to a look that is fresh and new, and most importantly – bringing the outdoors in. Here are ten ways with how you can deal with your springtime décor dilemmas.

Usually, during winters we tend to stock up on the woolly clothes and blankets. Furniture is also in a disarray in attempts to get as close to the fireplace as possible. Be careful though, fire is quite the hazard. Gladly, most homes are now installed with electric fireplaces that are much safer and reliable. Start off my moving all of the furniture and carpets out of the room.Doing a little spring cleaning is a great way to start off spring celebrations in your apartments.


Then progress to moving only those items into the room that is vital elements of the living space. Anything else has to go. Goodbye old creaky bed, and farewell to the rickety old rocking chair! Give away furniture or relocate it to others parts of the house.

2. Play with colours.

Winters are gloomy and that affects our mood. However, when spring approaches, temperatures get warmer and so does our moods. This is the best time to throw a splash of colour into your living spaces. The spring colours that are trending for spring 2019 are bright; giving off a sense of exhilaration. Air curtains coupled with a few accented walls can be a combo that is sure to light up you home with the essence of spring. 

3. Remove all extras.


If you wish to bring in spring into your home, you have to let out the unwanted items to make some space! Minimalism is the trend of today and it works on the basic principle of minimizing the number of items in homes. Donate clothes, electronics, household goods and extra food to those in need. You can not only clear out you homes but also be able to help those that are in need. There is one rule of the thumb, if it has not been used for the past one year, and you are not sentimentally attached to it, it has to go this year.

4. Put down all that winter down.

All of those winter blankets and throw pillows that weigh a million pounds have to go. As winter frolicks away, all the winter bedding goes back where it belongs – into the storage. Keep all the winter bedding out of sight so that it does not clutter the living space. Pack your winter blankets and pillows in plastic sheets and store in a dry place, make sure these is no humidity or dust. As a replacement, opt for lighter coloured and flowery patterned duvets and bed-spreads to say hello to spring.


5. Kill the dust.

All the years’ worth of dust and grime has accumulated during the winters. Now as spring approaches, it is the best time to deep clean you home; inside and out. Move furniture and vacuum behind it, make sure you do not overlook dust that has settled over light fixtures and the insides of cabinets, keeping a keen eye on higher shelves that see infrequent use. On the outdoors, use a hose to wash surfaces like windows, doors, walls and concrete floor to get a crisp, clean appearance of your home exterior.

6. Let the outdoors in.

Incorporate parts of nature into your home décor by decorating your house with the seasonal flowers, and branches. You can opt for potted plants as they purify the air and make your home look spectacularly natural. Plants in a vase also work well but make sure you refresh the water and throw away the flowers if they wilt. Plants create a wonderful accent with interiors and so do fruits. A bowl of fruit doubles as a healthy snack bar and serves as an accent to a dark, gloomy room. Remember, the smallest touch of the outdoors help you connect with your primitive natural side.


7. Lamps and lanterns to add to the look

Lamps and lanterns are the trending choice of light in contrast to the harsh electric lights that throw very sharp shadows. Dim lamps and lights look perfect as the sun goes down in your spring styled home. Opt for airy sheer curtains for the daytime and do not turn on any electric lights until the sun is out and about. Your indoor plants need the sunlight and so do you!

8. Time for some spring functionality

Now that you’re doing your spring cleaning, how about you look at areas of your home that isn’t quite working for your lifestyle? Spring is the perfect time to make a functionally beneficial change in your décor. For you, that may mean redoing furniture to provide for a more functional living room or converting an unused guest room into a study area. Create some DIY racks and storage shelves to make your life easier. Take your time to consider what changes will make the space more practical for you before you get to work. Its spring let your ideas spring!

9. Swap Winter for Spring


Adding a few new photos that reflect spring to your gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a seasonally appropriate design. Include bright colors, flowery patterns, summery landscapes and just about anything that is inspired by nature. There are many ideas for wall canvases that can help you incorporate the season’s vibes into your walls.

10. Spring is all about change

Spring is the time of the year when all the nature is experiencing change. We are part of  the change so spring refresh is about more than just de-cluttering and cleaning. It is about giving new blooming life to your home with new decor, artwork and accessories. Remember, if you cannot afford pricey constrains on your pocket, seek out for treasures and get great bargains at the local thrift stores. 

When we talk about interior decor, we tend to usually focus on aesthetics and style aspects. However, what we fail to realise is that home decor plays a huge role in how we react, how we feel and how we think. Incorporating nature into our homes makes us feel psychologically sound as humans have an underlying psychological need for access to natural spaces

Starting from the colour of walls to the intensity of lights, everything has a deep impact on our emotions and our perception. For decades, psychologists have established that redecorating our living spaces does  affect our mood, and it’s clear that the aesthetics of our living spaces can impact on our happiness, and thus our productivity and subsequent success

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